Samson Mow Hints At Ethereum Classic Mining Pool Plans

Things have been relatively quiet in the Ethereum Classic camp over the past week or so. There is still an ongoing “war” between ETH and ETC supporters, but it looks like most of the arguments have quieted down. Samson Mow is trying to stir a new debate by announcing his plans for an ETC mining pool.

Samson Mow And Ethereum Classic

When tweets like these appear, one never knows for sure how legitimate they are. People in the cryptocurrency world have a habit of saying things on Twitter to draw out reactions and blast others afterwards. Then again, Ethereum Classic has been around for much longer than most people gave it credit for in the early stages.

It is rather interesting to see the COO of BTCC take such a stance on Ethereum Classic, though. Not too long, he didn’t seem overly convinced ETC would be a real thing. Instead, Ethereum Classic is still here, and some announcement regarding the future development are expected to be announced shortly.

Every cryptocurrency in the world will stand or fall based on support by the mining community. From a profitability point of view, mining ETC has been more profitable than ETH several times. However, it is not possible to dual-mine ETC with Decred or Siacoin, while that is possible when pointing hashpower at the Ethereum network.

Whether or not Samson Mow has legitimate plans to run an Ethereum Classic mining pool, remains to be seen. He is drawing a fair amount of responses, though. Keeping in mind how the overall hashrate of Ethereum Classic is roughly 15% of Ethereum’s it remains to be seen if yet another mining pool will make even the slightest difference.

That being said, it doesn’t look like Ethereum Classic will be going away either. Without a team of developers, the uphill battle will become very steep in the coming weeks. Then again, Charles Hoskinson has acknowledged he will fund three developers himself. For now, it remains anybody’s guess as to who will work on this project, though.

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  • ultimatecurse

    There is no war until bankers and big businesses drop ethereum for ethereum classic. All i have seen is microsoft is sponsoring for the next devcon for ethereum and a bunch of bankers and businessmen are going to it. If ethereum classic had their own convention it would just be a small meet up at a coffee shop imo. But if they can steal microsoft and all these big bankers away I would start taking classic seriously and then you can say a war is starting. Until then classic is just trying to get a team together who wont be even close to the ethereum core developers team and community. It would be like a nfl player angry over a rule starting his own nfl classic trying to compete with the nfl saying hes the real nfl going by the old rules. No sponsors and no businesses backing it doesn’t exist until that happens. And they would have to pull all the big businesses away from the nfl.