Ethereum Classic Voices Disagreement With Hard Fork Decision

The world of cryptocurrency never knows a dull moment, and it looks like there is now an Ethereum Classic project to compete with the main Ethereum branch of development. We have seen a similar trend in the Bitcoin world, where Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Classic are at odds as well. By the look of things, some people have not taken kindly to the Ethereum hard fork.

Ethereum Classic – A Joke Or A Serious project?

Most people will automatically assume the Ethereum Classic project is just a joke, and should not be taken seriously. In most cases, they would be right to think so. However, there is an active Github repository explaining why this “new client” has been created.

As the name would suggests, the primary objective is to ensure Ethereum should remain censorship-resistant. The hard fork which the majority of the community voted for, is not something that sits well with everyone. The Ethereum Classic page even goes as far as stating:

“Ethereum Foundation responded to DAO debacle in the worst way possible. Special interests controlling the Foundation are ramming through DAO bailout hard fork against the principled opposition of a significant economic minority of Ethereum stakeholders.“

Ensuring survival of the original blockchain will be quite a difficult challenge, although the Ethereum Classic team seems confident they can pull it off. Bailing out The DAO and its creators is not necessarily the best plan of action. A hard fork of the source code sets dangerous precedents for the future.

For now, it is doubtful this project will gain any success, assuming it should be taken seriously in the first place. It is good to see people getting vocal about their disagreement with the hard fork decision, though. The coming weeks will be quite interesting, to say the least, depending on how much support Ethereum Classic can garner.

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  • Any and all ETH “classic” devs are welcome to join EXP! We are totally aligned with their ideology, we are current, and we have been building unique options on top of the platform. I would also say some of our modifications are more fair than ETH. Starting some new “Classic” isn’t needed, it already exists. We will never have roll backs to correct thefts, yet, we will also take all the time needed to make sure that we don’t have that problem in the first place.

    • Lars Pensjö

      “We will never have roll backs”

      How can you ensure that? If you can guarantee that, you need some kind of centralized control.

      By definition, there can be no rules to protect against a hardfork, as the hardfork is used to change the rules.

      • In term of correcting a theft, although we have solid plans to prevent that from happening, or at least make it highly unlikley. Even Bitcoin had a rollback when a bug created billions of Bitcoins, so there could be exceptions to correct some bug or flaw. Certainly miners could also take matters into their own hands as you imply, but that would likely be against their self interest, and if someone wanted to take over the project, they could do it through the EXP DAO and political system later, without trying to do some hostile takeover. Better stated, we would never do it intentionally to correct some theft. Check out Vericoin VRC and look at what happened two weeks after the fork to reverse the theft. The market collapsed from 45k to 7k. ETH is now in the same situation in some ways. I sold as soon as it happened, and it looks like the ETH foundation has mostly cashed out as well.

      • spiroseliot

        if you need a centralised control to a blockchain system why you dont simple use a bank?

  • haha… nostalgi… noncens…?

  • Lars Pensjö

    “As the name would suggests, the primary objective is to ensure Ethereum should remain censorship-resistant.”

    Funny thing is, the first objective of this SW is to censor a requested change, which might be backed by the majority (we don’t know that yet). Yes, I am playing with the interpretation of words here.

  • montalvo

    LOL, people will exaggerate fixing a theft while on beta to things like ethereum is not censorship-resistant anymore… good thing that MINERS HAVE DECIDED and the most supported chain will prevail and there won’t be an incentive to run the losing chain… I was anti hard fork too but I realized it’s the community who makes the choice, bitcoin would have scaled by fixing the block size already if they had an active leader too…