Ziber at CryproFinancing 2017

On July 7, 2017, the Ziber team visited one of the biggest ICO-related conferences in Europe – CryptoFinancing 2017 held in London! We hoped to get closer to the potential audience, investors and other developers of the software in the business spheres of Initial Coin Offerings, Token Sales and Crowdfunding.

The results we accomplished were more than successful – Ziber team is thankful for the support of the visitors and have plans to continue the expansion of our innovative project.

During the conference we shared the major principles of Ziber philosophy and technology during the public press-conference. The key points of this press-conference included:

  • The presentation of Ziber technology. The prospects of this revolutionary blockchain-based IP telephony application that offers cheaper rates for local/international online and landline calls, at the same ensuring the stable income for its users;
  • The explanation of Ziber’s work. Showing how Ziber allows users all around the world connect to each other and mine Zibercoins which can be exchanged to any other cryptocurrency or used to pay for calls within the application;
  • Answering the audience’s questions and stating the goals we are planning to achieve within a few months.

How Does It Work: The Simplest Guide to Ziber’s Technique

Ziber resembles Uber’s principles of work – because it is also public, open, cheap and available 24/7. Ziber is an open-source blockchain-based application! Additionally, you can earn Ziber’s cryptocurrency (Zibercoins) simply by using this reliable, affordable and simple messaging and calling app instead of Viber, Skype or other messengers.

How does Ziber work:

Installed Ziber app →Masternode→Ethereum wallet→Finding another Ziber user→You make a call or send a message→Get Zibercoins for your activity

A user installs Ziber on his device running on Windows, Android, iOS. After the installation, Ziber automatically connects the closest Masternode (advanced users can choose among 50 masternodes manually). A masternode is a specific software installed on the server with the stable Internet channel providing the continuous and stable connection for the whole network 24/7. The best thing is that like Ziber, masternode is based on the open-source software available on github.com.

In their turn, all Masternodes within the Ziber”s network are connected to the Ethereum wallets processing all financial transactions (tariffs, income and outcome operations) of the user’s account. A masternode is an important link in the blockchain because it redirects calls and finds other Ziber users. Currently, the phone numbers from more than 100 countries are included into Ziber’s network. It means that you won’t experience any problems with your connection while calling or messaging via Ziber.

Important notice! Ziber is currently available for FREE public beta testing. Right now you can install the beta-version of Ziber launcher for Android that allows making calls free of charge by means of any Ethereum wallet (the full version will allow using only your personal wallet). The user interface is still under the development but the whole network is already working like a clock – check on your own. All calls are FREE OF CHARGE and you can already mine Zibercoins. Try Ziber now and share your opinion!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any The Merkle employees. This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.