ZeroTraffic Uses Gamification to Reduce Recurrent Traffic Congestion

ZeroTraffic is a mobile traffic application to reduce recurrent traffic congestion by using gamification enforced by smart phones to get commuters to travel off peak. Investigations have shown that if you can reduce traffic volume by just 5-10% this dramatically reduces congestion and allows travel speed to approach the speed limit or free flow rate.

ZeroTraffic achieves this by employing gamification techniques that provide incentives for users to use alternative routing schedules.This saves users both time and money and provides a societal good by contributing to the reduction of traffic congestion for the rest.

The main components of ZeroTraffic are the virtual transponder application installed on a smartphone and the gamification website. Together they provide both the means to collect metrics on user compliance by avoiding congestion zones, and the incentive scheme to engage and modify driver traffic patterns.  ZeroTraffic’s incentive system reduces focus on monetary awards by using well established techniques from the gaming industry to influence driver behavior. The net result is an effective tool for driver behaviour modification with very low operational costs.

Road Congestion, a classic tragedy of commons problem, is uniquely solved using an Ether smart contract governance model and a gamification and smartphone framework. As an investor in the ICO, one buys a district where you can advise on the contested regions. You specify the center of a circle of any size greater than 1/2 km radius. The smallest circle costs 1250 ZTT. ZTT is the cryptocoin which is purchased in the ICO.  ZTT are tradeable, and every year you get a district dividend and after 5 years we may offer you a buyback at the market price.  The pre-ICO starts September 5th which grants a 5% bonus of token purchased, with the ICO starting 10 days later on September 15th and will run for one month.

According to Stuart Berkowitz, CEO of ZeroTraffic, and it’s parent company Array System Computing Inc., “The solution to addressing the problem of gridlock and congestion on our highways is not building more tolls or more lanes.  ZeroTraffic’s incentive based solution has been shown to benefit numerous jurisdiction such as Bangalore, Netherlands, Stanford, and Singapore. It’s a proven solution.  Combining this with our experiences in building the COMPASS system, the largest intelligent highway system in Canada, we’re bringing to market a unique product.”

More about ZeroTraffic

Array Systems Computing Inc. (, parent company of ZeroTraffic, has been involved in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with the founding of the company in 1981. Array is the builder of the COMPASS Software ( , the traffic incident management system used by MTO to manage incidents on all highways in Ontario, Canada – including the Toronto corridor which alone has a volume of over 500,000 vehicles a day!  Array leverages this ITS experience in developing ZeroTraffic.

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