ZeroSum Introduces the First Peer-to-Peer, Competitive Cryptocurrency Prediction Competitions

ZeroSum’s live platform provides users with a no-fee, no-pro, fantasy trading experience – allowing winners to earn real money via ZFX

Chicago, IL – January 02, 2018: ZeroSum, a start-up reinventing the trading experience with its peer-versus-peer trading platform, announced today that it would offer an Ethereum based Token Sale (ZFX) allowing the company to further develop their existing live platform. The developments would enhance a user’s ability to enter or create a competition on any topic or subject that has a reliable data feed, allow 3rd party platforms to leverage the ZeroSum technology to facilitate their own competitions and help create a sentiment feed – giving traders more insight into identifying alpha signals.

ZeroSum is a platform that allows users to compete in peer-versus-peer trading competitions and win money via ZFX – eliminating trading fees, market makers and advantaged players typically found in Forex, Stock or regular trading environments.

“It’s well known that upwards of 70% of traders are not profitable after their first year of trading. What most people don’t realize however, is that over trading and the ridiculously high-costs associated with it is one of the main culprits for losses.”  says Lawrence.

“For a typical retail FX trader, they would have to open an account with a $5k minimum and then overcome large spreads and maybe trade on too much leverage, since it is encouraged. You’re just trying to get your feet wet and learn about the market, and before you know it you’ve gone through their entire deposit. I have heard too many of these stories and felt that it was unfair. With ZeroSum a competitor can learn how the markets work. They can experience the cryptocurrency world, try and test strategies but for a much smaller and safer cost. Those lessons will translate to the real market. I feel that this is really a great learning tool for those looking to enter the market, and as well as for experienced traders looking to test out a new theory or trade ideas.” says Lawrence.

About ZeroSum and the ZFX Token

The ZeroSum platform has been live since 2016 and has facilitated 1000s of users in peer-versus-peer trading competitions. ZeroSum is backed by a team and investors with prominent Wall St. experience. With a no-trading fee structure users can find, create, and enter fantasy trading competitions against peers – playing for ZFX which can be exchanged for cash on appropriate exchanges.

They will expand current competition capabilities to support 3rd party access, add trading capabilities based on a wide range of data fees, and finalize development on their sentiment engine, giving users an edge in identifying alpha signals.


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