XinFin’s XDC Protocol to provide smart-contracts for Bitcoin and upcoming National cryptocurrencies

XinFin Hybrid Blockchain network, which is going through third week of it’s token sale today announced that it’s XDC protocol is equipped to support existing FIAT payment methods, Bitcoin BTC and upcoming nationally issued cryptocurrencies on it’s platform.

The XDC protocol will also support Ripple’s XRP, Litecoin LTC and Bitcoincash BCH, the four very liquid cryptocurrencies that do not provide smart-contracts capabilities currently.

XinFin is the first of it’s kind hybrid blockchain protocol forked from ethereum and quorum. It is architected to work on PBFT+stake based consensus and clocks 500 TPS currently aiming to clock 2000 TPS by year end. It is aimed at serving the $50 trillion global trade and finance market with it’s marketplace bringing together global trade associations, buyers, suppliers and financiers as well as the regulatory bodies.

Global trade ecosystem today lacks a credible platform for cross border secure smart contracts, instant payments and mitigation of counter party risks and provision of credit collaterals using digital assets. XinFin’s XDC protocol and the marketplace has already rolled out minimum viable product that has completed over 10+ pilot projects successfully. The utilization of funds from the token sale will be utilized for ecosystem expansion and growing institutional partnerships.

XinFin has rolled out XDCE, an ERC 20 token with a swappable ratio of 1:1 with XDC protocol that will have more liquidity and wider reach in global markets. It has already raised over $3.5 Million including private sale, institutional contribution and it’s ongoing ICO.

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