World Wi-Fi Start-Up to Offer Free Decentralized Wi-Fi Access to Users

Despite living in the 21st century, internet availability remains a problem for people throughout the world, given the lack of infrastructure in certain regions, alongside the costs being charged by internet service providers.

World Wi-Fi represents an exciting start-up, founded by the creators of Radius Wi-Fi and the Adrenta project, which aims to fix this issue, by granting people free internet access, through a decentralized Wi-Fi network that works by integrating residential routers. To put things better into perspective, the operation scheme of the project, consists of three main key links, these being the guest user, the router owner, and the advertiser.

Guests will therefore be able to browse the Internet via the World Wi-Fi network, without having to pay anything. Rather, in exchange for the internet access, users will simply see advertisements.

Router owners who wish to take part in the project, will create a dedicated Wi-Fi network, capable of generating passive income, by profiting from the ad sales made when other users are logged into the router.

Lastly, advertisers who are responsible for deploying the ads that users will view, will get access to several advantages, such as being able to deliver a more fine-tuned advertising campaign to users. In return, advertisers will find it easier to target their audience, while also analysing ad performance on the available Wi-Fi networks. Not only this, but ad campaign managers will also get access to detailed information regarding the history of their campaigns, which products/services have been advertised, conversions, and more.

As World Wi-Fi represents an Ethereum-based platform, several solutions meant to collect and analyse sets of anonymized data have also been deployed. All transactions will be carried out through the help of smart contracts, hence guaranteeing the speed, security, reliability and transparency of all campaign data. Router owners will be paid via the WeToken (WT), which, based on choice, can be converted for fiat currencies via supporting digital currency exchanges.

It is expected that the alpha-testing phase will begin this March. So far, a total of 500 routers have already been connected to the network, and internal testing shows that the network works as advertised.

According to Yan Sepiashvili, a co-founder of the World Wi-Fi project, “In the next three years, it is projected that at least 20 million Wi-Fi routers will be connected to the platform. We’ll bring blockchain into every home.”

As part of the effort to raise funds for the project, World Wi-Fi is holding an ICO, where investors, can purchase WeTokens, which can either be sold for a profit, or be used as payment for advertisement services. The start-up is planning to raise $5 million during the pre-sale, with $2.7 million already raised.

For more information on World Wi-Fi, feel free to check out the project website, and white paper.  

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