Win Or Lose, Everybody Wins with Bitcasino’s New Loyalty Program

The world’s first licensed Bitcoin casino operator has bucked the trend of impersonal deposit bonuses, introducing an industry-first loyalty program that gives players tailor-made rewards – even when you lose.

Program Details

This new and tailored rewards program was in response to overwhelming community feedback requesting a better way to earn rewards.

Tauri Tiitsaar, Bitcasino’s Director of Casino, said that his firm had shown its players “the fun, fast and fair way of gaming” and this new development was only the next step. He had this to say about the new loyalty program:

“Bitcasino’s new loyalty program opens up the often complicated and confusing world of casino bonuses to our players, giving them the all-important insight and ability to determine their own gaming experience.”

The program has had some thought in it so that players will stay incentivized. With 7 levels and 22 milestones to gain rewards from, it is a program that keeps on giving. The rewards these levels and milestones give out are instant and dynamic, being bonuses that the player can control and adjust to their personal preference and playstyle.

In Tiitsaar’s own words, he mentioned how important it was for players to take control of their rewards:

“After receiving a lot of valuable feedback regarding how we reward players over the years, we knew from the beginning of the loyalty development process it was crucial for our players to be able to take full control of their rewards. I am proud to say our revolutionary program lets them do just that.”

These can vary from free spins on a player’s favorite game, 10% cash rebates, and point multipliers.

Customers can even earn the elusive VIP status, which was a status previously given out on a case by case basis by most casinos. Now everyone can work toward and reach the transparently defined milestone and levels.

On top of the cashback bonus that players get to make earnings higher on wins or recoup the losses when you strike out, this customer-centric loyalty club will make sure players do not play anywhere else.

On top of this, Bitcasino has gotten rid of all of their other rewards, meaning players no longer have to worry about missing out on potential rewards due to not satisfying some obscure requirement or not even realizing there was a reward in the first place.

Now just play and get rewarded for playing – easy. The more you play, the bigger the rewards become and progress towards the next milestone or level.

Adds To The Stellar Experience

Bitcasino got to be the industry leader it was today because of the amazing and consistent experience – from 1.5 minute withdrawal times, cutting edge security measures, and entertaining games that are also provably fair.

This new rewards program will only widen the gap from other competitors, retaining existing customers as well as pulling players from other providers due to this one-of-a-kind loyalty program.

Brick and mortar stores use punch cards and other preferential treatment tools. But Bitcasino simply took that concept and turned it up a notch by giving the power to the people, in typical cryptocurrency fashion.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored article