Why you shouldn’t do business with Bitcoincasino.us and Fortunejack

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.


I’ve been an affiliate for both these platforms for many years and never had issues with them in the past.

Recently I lost access to my accounts and my 2FA because my phone was lost and hacked, I’ve had no luck reaching out to either Bitcoincasino.us or Fortunejack to retreive my earnings. The support has been nonresponsive and unhelpful.

What this means for the average consumer is that if you end up winning a large jackpot and try to contact support for your payout, chances are you’re going to get ignored.

As such, until further notice, I suggest everyone stop doing business with bitcoincasino.us and fortunejack.com

P.S One more fun fact, Dan from 7BitPartners reached out to me and when I told him about my issues with bitcoincasino and fortunejack his response was

you made business with bad guys…

Please share this article on twitter or any other social media you can, I would love to recover my affiliate earnings and report back to you guys with the good news. Otherwise, this is here to stay just like my emoji tattoo.