Why Are Gamblers Choosing Bitcoin Casinos?

Online casinos like to cater to their customers by giving them all sorts of choices. Game selection is probably the most crucial aspect of any online gambling platform, but so are the payment methods. The more payment options a casino offers, the more players it will attract.

Less than a decade ago, there were only a few banking methods with which you could deposit and withdraw money from your casino account. These included credit and debit cards on top of some popular e-wallets and e-banking services.

But in the last couple of years, we saw the emergence of Bitcoin casinos, and some have also started to offer other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others.

So, what is the advantage of cryptocurrencies over fiat in the online casino world, and why are so many players opting in for this payment method?


One advantage that land-based casino rooms still have over their online counterparts is the payment speed. When you walk into a casino, you just buy chips and cash them out at the register when you’re done.

Online payment is a little different, however. There are all sorts of procedures, and you have to share your banking details and wait for them to get approved. Also, the process of withdrawal usually puts you in a 24-hour pending period and then you have to wait several more days before you see the money you’ve won on your bank account.

Bitcoin transactions circumvent all of this. Both deposits and withdrawals are almost instantaneous, and you won’t have to go through all the trouble like with other methods.


Depositing and withdrawing from online casinos is usually attached to some fees. Some casinos are greedier than others, but small fees are often seen on almost any platform. Fees can be fixed, like $5 per transaction, or they can take a certain percentage from your winnings.

While this can happen with cryptocurrency as well, it’s relatively rare. Most bitcoin transactions have no fees whatsoever, and it’s one of the main reasons why players choose this payment method.


High-rollers carefully select the casino they want to play on because they are looking for ones that have high deposit and withdrawal limits. Each operator has its own rules pertaining to the limits, but the limits can also vary depending on the payment method you choose.

Out of all payment options, cryptocurrency almost always has the highest limits, whether they concern a single cashout or a monthly withdrawal.


Before you get to gamble online, you must provide the casino operator with some of your personal information, including your banking details. With so many scam casino sites lurking on the web, sharing this detail with some company you don’t know nothing about can be a little touchy. Even when convinced that the casino they’re playing on is legit, players still keep a fair dose of skepticism and are never easy minded when making an account.

Using Bitcoin doesn’t connect you with any bank or payment service. It’s a completely independent currency that doesn’t have a centralized system. Therefore, your anonymity is guaranteed, and you won’t have to leave any sensitive details to the casino.

Games You Can Play in Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos often have a vast library of games, most of which include video slots. Out of all games, slots usually have the biggest jackpots, and high withdrawal limits associated with bitcoin transactions are ideal for collecting these huge wins. On UK online slots, you can get familiar with some of the most popular titles in this genre.

Of course, other games can be played in Bitcoin casinos as well. Roulette is quite popular, and so are blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps, and bingo.

Final Thoughts 

Bitcoin has found its way into the casino world, and the players love using it. All of the above-mentioned reasons as to why it’s such a popular payment method among gamblers should give you a notion why there are so many Bitcoin casinos popping out on the web.

While Bitcoin casino gambling has many perks, you should still be careful and always gamble responsibly