Where to Play Provably Fair Bitcoin Roulette

Provably Fair is a set of standards that casino operators using the bitcoin devised several years ago to show that the games were fair. Random number generators and advanced algorithms are in place to ensure that there is fairness within every game that is offered on the site.

The www.bitcoincasino.us site takes it a step further and offers transparency with it all. This means showing you as the player what the random number generated was, as well as the unique fingerprint that was created within the algorithm. This demonstrates that there is no foul play going on. A widget is downloadable to ensure the random number generator is working properly, too.

The random number generator and the overall process is also certified by a third party organization. This is what ultimately delivers peace of mind to players knowing that when they play roulette (or any other game), it is being done fairly and not to give the casino an unfair edge.

What Kinds of Roulette are Available?

Everyone has their favorite variations of roulette and www.bitcoincasino.us doesn’t disappoint. There are American and European wheels within the games. This means that you can choose between having a single 0 on the wheel or the addition of the double 0. With a total of eight variations, there’s a layout you’re going to love to play.

You can choose to make inside and outside bets, just like at a real casino. This means you might want to play numbers and even go for a 35:1 odds with betting a millibitcoin on a single number. You could also play odds and evens, reds and blacks, as well as groups of numbers. The choice is yours, allowing you to gamble as you wish.

Playing bitcoin roulette is enhanced even further, especially if you enjoy high limit gaming. Several of the games feature a “High Roller” ribbon on them, which means they are a part of the site’s “High Limit Games.” These allow you to place higher wagers, thus giving you the chance to win more in the event that the marble lands in a pocket that’s favorable to the way you laid out your bets.

Provably Fair is a feature you need to look for when you enter a casino to play bitcoin roulette. www.bitcoincasino.us offers the gambling experience you’re looking for to ensure that there is fairness with every spin of the wheel.

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