What is Rublix?

The nature of cryptocurrency markets demands trust in a trustless system, and protecting yourself from some rather common risks. One group called Rublix is working on closing the pitfalls in emergent decentralized markets. They want to rid users, investors, and traders of some of the most common issues and risks that are associated with the current state of these new markets. They have a few projects that are worth checking out as well.



TradersEdge is the flagship web application that Rublix has begun developing and it looks really rather clever. It is built in Java, so we can assume it runs pretty smoothly and will be a user friendly way for traders and investors to not only get their feet wet in the new cryptocurrency markets, but also thrive in it.

While they have made it clear that this intends to be a well functioning and -importantly- incredibly usable application, they also have put a fair amount of thought into how it will look. Rublix is working on this by employing UX and aesthetic designers to research and create beautiful and user friendly spaces for trading.

The main goal of the project is to bring new traders into the crypto-environment by removing as many barriers to success as possible, while also introducing traditional derivatives trading. They plan on releasing this in Quarter 2 (Q2) of 2018.



Hedge is another project in development by Rublix. This platform is attempting to tackle one of the largest problems that exists in crypto trading markets: fake or underwhelming analysts. We all know that one person who swears we should invest in the latest and unimpressive altcoin, swearing it will take off every time but never does. Hedge will combat this.

The platform will be a space for data collection, not gut feelings. Experienced and traders who have a demonstrated history of correctly investing their capital will be rewarded by Rublix to share their trades and knowledge. This will enable even the greenest trader to follow the signals of better investors, and learn by doing.

Reputation and status will be calculated based on age of account and value of trades. This makes spotting who to follow and make educated decisions potentially more fruitful. Rublix plans on releasing this platform in either Q1 or Q2 of 2018.



While working on these other projects, Rublix will also be releasing a native token of theirs and a wallet in which to store them. Centurio will provide that. The name of the game for Rublix is usability, so they will be releasing this wallet client as a cross-platform application so that no matter what Operating System (OS) you are running, you will be able to participate. They also plan on releasing a web client version for ease of use across multiple OSs. The planned release date for this is Q3 or Q4 of 2017, so keep an eye out as that is coming up.


Learn more about Rublix here: http://rublix.io/

Learn about TradersEdge here: http://rublix.io/development/?#!projects/tradersedge

Learn about Hedge here: http://rublix.io/development/?#!projects/hedge

Learn about Centurio here: http://rublix.io/development/?#!projects/centurio


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