What Is Live Stars Cryptocurrency?

An undeniable aspect of being human is the need for contact. This urge has been the cornerstone of many breakthrough inventions. The modern age has used it to metamorphose the adult industry into a multi-million dollar business with boundless potential.

One of the fastest-growing sectors of adult entertainment is the live webcam industry. However, this domain comes with its own set of tethering issues which are now slowly being addressed. However, one thing that has become clear is that innovation in the webcam industry has become a necessity.

Live Stars looks to address this. It is a blockchain-based webcam platform that aims to disrupt the online adult entertainment industry. It makes use of a unique business model that is based on these three pillars:

  • Exclusion of intermediaries
  • Automation of processes
  • Primacy of individual privacy

The platform is based around its unique token, LIVE, which serves as the core means of payment within the ecosystem. Its implementation facilitates safe and convenient interactions between users and the platform.

Overview of the Platform

Live Stars significantly reduces administrative costs by utilizing a peer-to-peer content distribution network for public streaming. It aims to offer users with a high level of transparency by making use of a service protocol that is open-source and free and which can be used within any public chain.

Live Stars also makes use of webRTC on a ‘one-to-one’ principle without a server, with the aim of enhancing privacy to ensure full anonymity of all involved parties and the security of encrypted data. The token acquisition interface is intended to be simple and is accompanied by a step-by-step video tutorial.

Along with the LIVE token, the platform also provides customers with relevant pricing data in fiat currencies such as USD.

Lastly, the platform will also utilize a referral system, providing money-making opportunities to not only models (the service providers), but also to users (the viewing customers).

Key Features

The Live Stars platform is fully automated and streamlined, allowing for instant purchases and payouts.

A key issue for service providers and webcam models is the long gestation period between when income is earned and when it can be withdrawn. Live Stars bypasses the bureaucracy involved in today’s banking system and ensures near-instant payouts for models and affiliates. The platform is built to have no purchase limits. More importantly, it has no minimum threshold for withdrawals, making it an attractive option for models.

Key offerings of the Live Stars ecosystem

The platform runs a sophisticated encryption algorithm to enable private video chats as well as messaging. This is to ensure that individuals’ data integrity remains intact at all times.

In today’s privacy-conscious world, archaic website registration forms stand out like a bad cliche. There is enormous potential for compromising clients’ as well as service providers’ privacy. Live Stars aims to provide users with complete anonymity and security. By accepting only cryptocurrency tokens, the need for gathering one’s personal details is avoided. To stress this point, the source code will be independently audited.

The Live Stars platform has all its monetary transactions priced exclusively in its LIVE cryptocurrency. Doing so is both fast and safe. The platform works with an advanced referral program which moderates awards via an affiliate program which allows users to earn the native token.

How it works

Complete anonymity and security is the core philosophy of this platform. By being independent of fiat currency, it avoids the contentious issue of gathering and and maintaining users’ and service providers’ personal details. This also means that no third-party intermediaries are needed for verification purposes.

The model espoused by Live Stars allows for economic efficiency and promises models 70 percent of all revenues. It bypasses minimum withdrawal amounts and dependence on specific payment cycles. This automation also means that any hassles involved with updating payment details are negated. Moreover, the processing algorithm for rating levels on Live Stars is intuitive and easy to understand.

About the team

Live Stars is the collaborative work of five specialists, who will be assisted by a larger team at a later stage. At present, the team consists of:

Alexander Kansky: the lead programmer for this project. He has over 3 decades of experience in software development encompassing various large-scale international projects, and also holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics.

Linda Gabrane: the head of Live Stars’ finances and community management. She looks after budgeting and business analytics. With experience in the banking sector, she provides creative alternatives and recommendations to reduce costs and improve the company’s financial performance.

Aleksander Rivkin: the designer of this platform. He looks after its interactive aspects to ensure a smooth user experience. He has over 6 years’ worth of working knowledge in apps and website design.

Token performance details

Introduced to the market earlier this month, LIVE was initially valued at US$0.062 per token.

LIVE token lifetime performance chart (courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

The currency’s value has been rather stable since its inception. However, due to the fact that this is still a new product, it is too early to assess the true potential of this token.

At the time of writing, the price of a single LIVE token stood at $0.074, an increase of nearly 17%.

Final Thoughts

Live Stars delivers its customers a platform that can be deployed easily. Its focus on anonymity and security along with a streamlined business process makes it attractive to clients as well as participating models. For those interested in investing in LIVE, trading pairs are currently available on DDEX, IDEX, and OTCBTC.