What is Crypviser?

The Blockchain has granted us many new exciting opportunities to improve the way that we do business and socialize with one another. The beauty and elegance of Blockchain technology security is one of the most attractive things for innovation. One of the latest projects looking to implement Blockchain technology into more aspects of daily life is from Germany, called Crypviser.

What is Crypviser?

Crypviser is an encrypted network work that is based off Blockchain technology for both social and business protection. It is a network for securely storing and transferring all manner of data, including voice and video calls, various chats, and other kinds of social and business interactions.

Their Whitepaper outlines how very aware the project is of information security needing to be improved upon. Crypviser also wants this caliber of security product to be available to everyone, not just governments and giant corporations.

What are its features?

The main focus of this project is to provide a better security product for businesses and individuals. It is no surprise that the first feature they advertise is their incredibly secure network, backed up by robust cryptography and security models powered by reliable algorithms and security protocols.

Continuing on that point, the fact that it is backed up by the blockchain means that the network itself is stable and reliable. It also means that Crypviser’s network is less vulnerable to identity theft and MiTM attacks.

It also touts itself as an all-in-one solution to both business and social communication infosec needs. It does this while still allowing local storage security and protecting against data loss from physical damage or malicious software.

CVCoin and CVPay

Another aspect about Crypviser is that it has an integration for their wallet service, CVPay which allows for anonymous and fast transfer of funds via CVCoin.

CVCoin’s main purpose is an authentication token, which identifies user’s public keys to ensure that the network is stable and secure. It also acts as a way to pay for the products that Crypviser provides without having to hand over sensitive information like credit card numbers and other identifying information. Since users can pay in CVCoin to Crypviser, they have promised that within network 1 CVC will never be valued lower than 0.99 Euro, regardless of public market price.

They are having an ICO of this asset right now as well that ends on June 30th. It appears to have a fair amount of attractive offers as well, such as an extra 10% of CVCoin and an invitation to the official launch of the product. Investors can purchase in XBT, ETH, and then any cryptocurrency really -converted to XBT or ETH via Shapeshift or other converter-.

The Future

Crypviser already has their eyes set on the future of the project as well, as their roadmap clearly lays out. With all going well, they plan on having the official launch in early September with their commercial launch happening soon after as well.

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