What is Asch Platform?

Asch is a decentralized blockchain platform that provides a public chain and an app Software Development Kit. This is the first system designed to give developers the ability to deploy completely independent blockchain applications.  

  1. Asch’s goal is to solve the problem of blockchain fragmentation. Asch Tokens can be used across different blockchain ecosystems and exchanges.  
  2. Asch combines DPOS and PBFT. DPOS is a consensus mechanism that is more decentralized and less resources intensive. PBFT solves the security risks of DPOS and effectively reduces the chances of bifurcation and makes the system more secure.
  3. Asch uses a side-chain extension mechanism that eliminates the need to carry application code in the transaction. This reduces the transaction data load and making the contract easier to execute.
  4. Asch uses a sandbox to run it’s application code. This protects the main chain from being destroyed by other hazards codes.

Within the the blockchain ecosystem, Asch is a consensus mechanism. Asch uses DPOS + PBFT to facilitate these processes. When compared to the POW mechanism of bitcoin and Ethereum, one can see energy saving advantages.

POW mining wastes a great deal of energy in order to protect the network security. The DPOS trustee mechanism is another advantage that Asch has over other blockchain platforms.

Ethereum runs all the applications on one chain. This increase security risks. If there is a link error the result can be damage to the entire system. Asch uses cross-chain slicing technology, greatly reducing the system security risks.

Studies show that Asch’s sidechain mechanism is easy to link with other blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. In fact, Asch can easily implement various functions of ROOTSTOCK and QTUM chain.

The team is also preparing  for Asch to become a side chain of BTC. At the same time, Asch is actively developing version 2.0 and will implement the following functions in this new version. These include digital assets, authentication, simple contracts, decentralized storage, anonymous functions and master contracts, which can surly surpass other blockchain projects or teams. Please visit the official website http://asch.io/ for more details.

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