Weekly Online Slots Tournament – TOP 25 Winners Share 2 BTC

There is almost always something exciting going on at Bitcoincasino.us. This is a casino that is literally based on the concept of using Bitcoins for every aspect of what goes on there. Put another way, players are using Bitcoins within the casino to do everything from withdraw and deposit to placing their actual wagers. That is a very exciting concept to a lot of players who have been bothered by the lack of such casinos for some time.

It is frequently the case that some casinos will drag their feet when it comes to paying out their players. They always advertise how their players are winning and how exciting that feeling is. However, when it comes time to pay out, there are some casinos that are simply not staying as true to their word. They might very well make the payment, but only after having made it as painful as possible for you as a player. That does not happen when it comes to Bitcoin. When using Bitcoin, a player knows that they can receive their funds very quickly.

Bitcoincasino.us is known for something else as well. That is the Slot Warriors 2 BTC Tournament that they hold on a weekly basis. These tournaments constitute a fun way to compete and gamble with other players on the site. They also have prizes that are paid out to the top finishers. In fact, Bitcoincasino.us pays out two Bitcoins divided up among the top finishers per week via their slot machine tournaments. That is a lot of cash when you look at recent Bitcoin exchange rates.

A fun aspect of these tournaments is always being able to track where you and others are in the race to the top. Leaderboards that are posted right on the home page of the casino make it easy to see how you are holding your own against others as you all compete for the same crown.

Players who are near the top of the leaderboard can definitely get frantic as the clock ticks down towards the end of the tournament. They want so badly to see themselves come away with something for all of their efforts. That is the goal and dream of everyone who participates.

Winners get to have their username advertised as a winner throughout the site, and that gives them a little creditability and a nice boost to their reputation as a gambler.

Winnings are paid out at the conclusion of the tournament into the accounts of the top finishers. They may then decide to use those funds to continue playing other games or to cash them out via a Bitcoin exchange somewhere else on the Internet. No matter what, there are a lot of happy people at the conclusion of one of these tournaments.

Take a look around at the offerings at Bitcoincasino.us today to see if there is a tournament you might like to be involved in. If you are planning to play the slots anyway, you might as well at least compete with some others to have your shot at winning some Bitcoins for your efforts.

There are plenty of opportunities to win if you participate regularly. Check out their regularly scheduled weekly tournaments and enter them whenever you can. You just might be lucky enough to finish as a winner sooner rather than later. It is a matter of luck as well as persistence.

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