VEX BLOCK Technologies develops first crypto SIM Card wallet

Bitcoin Press Release: VEX Capital and Technology LTD, has developed a peer to peer telecommunications payments company named VEX Telecom, has developed the first cryptocurrency SIM card wallet. 

The SIM card enables VEX customers to send cryptocurrency transactions via SMS to any phone number around the world, and also all the phone call fees can be paid with VBO, a digital currency in VEX BLOCK Ecosystem. VEX BLOCK will do this by providing the customers with a SIM card and a phone number that has cryptocurrency wallets named VEX BLOCK Digital Asset Wallet linked to them.

VEX SIM cards managed work in over 180 countries, even in some banned crypto countries and can be utilized with any phone having an open SIM card slot on both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, the firm has made a catalog of worldwide phone numbers from that VEX clients will choose and use as their new identity integrated with VEX BLOCK Wallet. This replaces complicated, confusing, and easy missing public keys.

“VEX SIM card is an important part of VEX BLOCK Ecosystem that we have priority to develop, it is about to embed peer to peer transactions into the world’s most popular communication providers, SMS messaging, voice and video call, pay off the fee with VEX BLOCK Wallet”

says founder, Kevin Olsen

VEX VISA Card and VEX BLOCK Wallet

VEX VISA Card and VEX BLOCK Wallet

VEX customers will be able to send cryptocurrency transactions to other VEX phone numbers, regular phone numbers or cryptocurrency addresses themselves.

Kevin Olsen explains that: “As a cryptocurrency enthusiast and leader in the digital community we want mass adoption. With VEX Telecom we strive to bring this cutting-edge technology to the cryptocurrency community. Integrating cryptocurrency transactions natively into the SMS interface”

VEX SIM Sample

VEX SIM Sample

Advantageously, the VEX SIM card operates over telecommunication networks worldwide instead of only internet networks, this simply works with any phone devices. This SIM card allows clients who are in parts of the world with an unreliable internet connection to join in the rapid-growing 4.0 era generation. 

VEX SIM aims to be the cryptocurrency version in telecommunication but with global unlimited access, even for non-crypto enthusiasts. VEX SIM cards use industry-standard security protocols including multi-sig wallets, VBO currency will be used at first. Since the SIM card is a hardware product, VEX can ensure only cryptocurrency transactions being made by the users specific SIM will be accepted. Transactions are also secured by a confirmation PIN and authenticator if activated.

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Contact Person: Kevin Olsen

Email: [email protected]

Country: Malta