Upfiring – Share Your Files on the Blockchain and Earn Cryptocurrency For Doing it

Upfiring is the first decentralized file-sharing application that will allow users to earn cryptocurrency (UFR tokens) for simply sharing their files. These files could be torrents, music, pdfs, and more.

The application looks promising. It resembles non-blockchain P2P file-sharing applications in that it will allow seeding and downloading, but has several key technological advantages over its competitors. By using blockchain technology to create a decentralized network and fuel transactions, users are free to spend UFR in exchange for files or accumulate UFR in exchange for their own files.

 Files seeded on the Upfiring platform are exclusively available for download within the Upfiring application. This is carried out through an encryption process, which makes the file unreadable to anyone who tries to download it outside of the application. This ensures users are appropriately compensated their share of UFR for seeding files.

 The blockchain startup announced that its ICO will be held on October 3rd, 2017. That afternoon, UFR will be released for the first time to those who choose to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign. The token will have many uses on the network and may prove to be valuable in the long-term.

Learn more about Upfiring: https://www.upfiring.com

Read the whitepaper: https://upfiring.com/Upfiring_Whitepaper.pdf

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  • Bob Belcher

    At a time with ICOs are coming under intense scrutiny here comes an ICO that looks to blatantly support pirating content. No wonder government’s and regulators want to crack down.

    It’s not explicitly stated, but it’s heavily suggested that this would be used for downloading pirated content.

    I can’t imagine many people would want to use this to host Linux ISOs that can be already downloaded for free from legitimate sources …

    It’s projects like this that will get all the media attention which sucks when there are some really worthwhile ICOs that will come under the same umbrella as this BS.

  • Todd Riverview

    I honestly really like this project. This is what the decentralized internet is supposed to be about. I see Bob Belcher’s point about the pirated content but the whole point of blockchain apps is for there to be no regulation or centralization. If you want a file-sharing app that’s regulated there are plenty of existing options to choose from.

    The concept is good. It makes sense that people seeding their files would want to get something in return for it.