Understanding the Main Benefits of Digital Currency Casinos

During the last couple of years, the popularity of digital currency casinos has increased considerably, given the wide variety of benefits being offered to players. Many people believe that bitcoin is the perfect currency for online casinos, and recent statistics show that the market agrees with the opinion.

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Based on this, back in April 2017, a research study had shown that approximately 4.5 billion in Bitcoin has been wagered in online casinos since the year of 2014. If we were to take into account amounts wagered in other digital currencies, the market capitalization of crypto casinos would be even higher.

For those who do not know, apart from numerous bonuses, cryptocurrency casinos offer several other benefits when compared to traditional, fiat-based online casinos. These include, but are not limited to:

  1.    Verifiable game results, via provably fair protocols – numerous crypto casinos offer a provably fair feature, which users can utilize in order to verify whether their roll is authentic, or has been messed around with.
  2.    Lightning fast transactions – both deposits and withdrawals on crypto casinos are bound to be quick. Most casinos require transactions to have one confirmation on the blockchain network, prior to allowing users to wager the funds. In general, this can take anywhere between a few seconds to a couple of minutes, based on the digital currency of choice. Withdrawals on the other hand are often processed instantly. Users no longer have to wait for days before being able to play, or withdraw their funds.
  3.    Low fees and house edges – digital currency casinos have been proven to have some of the lowest fees and house edges on the market. In fact, most of the times, there is no fee associated with either deposits or withdrawals.
  4.    Player anonymity and worldwide access – concerned with your personal information when gambling online? This often isn’t a problem with crypto casinos. Many casinos automatically register user accounts when accessing the websites, and do not require personal information such as email, name, or address of its players. This anonymity also allows users located in countries where online gambling is forbidden to access and play on casinos. Do keep in mind the fact that some crypto casinos, especially those which utilize games licensed by casino game developers may have stricter rules.

Apart from these benefits, most cryptocurrency casinos grant players access to a wide variety of entertaining games, many of which tend to be extremely rewarding for wise players.