Tutor Ninja launches TAO by March 2018 to integrate with blockchain infrastructure

February  11th, 2018 /Singapore, Seul, Tokyo, Moscow/ Tutor Ninja, a global platform for private tutoring services, secures equivalent of 15mn US dollars to attract crypto-funds via selling NTOK token assets up to the end of March 2018. The ERC20 tokens are a crypto-utility providing a  remote education ecosystem to pay for tutored lessons and licensed partners’ content, including cross-border services. At the presale stage the tokens were offered with a 10-20% bonus for amounts equivalent to 50 US dollars and above. The NTOK beta-version is expected in June 2018.

Anton Mishin, Chief Executive Officer, said “The students benefit from the availability of the remote access to the educational services, a blockchain based loyalty system and settlements simplified through the introduction of NTOKs. The removal of intermediaries by utilising the NTOK platform, which is built on blockchain and challenges the existing educational methods, is at same time answering the question of how to find and verify trustworthy coaches world-wide. The blockchain technology raises the efficiency of interaction between coaches and school children significantly.”

Natalya Asenova, Tutor Ninja Marketing Executive, additionally said “We believe that NTOK contributes to future continuous education. A Tutor Ninja qualified knowledge of onboarding coaches and our no-intermediary blockchain ranking approach will attract providers and customers from various countries. Another advantage is that the lesson fee is paid directly to a tutor in accordance with transparent rules, established across NTOK.”

Max Shekhovtsov, CFO and co-founder, added “NTOK pioneers a blockchain tutoring segment yet to be assessed in full. We follow the trends of the EdTech market which are growing at an average 17-25% GAGR, while the private tutoring services market will exceed 227 bn US dollars by 2022, according to 2016 Report by Global Industry Analysts,Inc. Out of this amount some 3% is now digital; to conclude tutoring as a part of a continuous education concept presents today and will be in the future. Its potential is borderless in many senses”.


Tutor Ninja is a global private tutoring platform, established in 2016, and operates with hundreds of coaches and thousands of students.

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