Trust Dice Launches New Provably Fair Betting Platform, Bitcoin Casino

27th September 2019, Cayman Islands  The new Trust Dice provably fair Bitcoin Casino supports a variety of cryptocurrencies including EOS, ETH, USDT, and BTC, providing gamers with a new and exciting way to play provably fair blockchain-based games. New games launched via the Bitcoin Live Casino include Slots, Jackpot Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Video Poker. 

Trust Dice players can place bets and win with ETH, USDT, and TRX upon launch of the Bitcoin Casino, with support for other cryptos such as EOS, and TXT added later.

The launch of the brand new Trust Dice Bitcoin Casino is a major step forward for the Trust Dice platform, providing gamers with interesting and exciting new blockchain-based games that allow players to make provably fair bets across a variety of different game types and modes. Bitcoin slots, Bitcoin roulette, Bitcoin crash game options, and Bitcoin blackjack are now all available via the new Bitcoin Casino.

What is Trust Dice?

Trust Dice is a blockchain-based gaming platform built on a foundation of provably-fair smart contract technology. In addition to the new Bitcoin Casino, Trust Dice offers players a variety of games that include Trust Dice — which currently tracks as one of the most popular EOS-based games.

Trust Dice, powered by Trust Platform, is tightly focused on delivering transparent, provably fair gaming experiences that allow gamers to ensure they are playing on a truly fair platform. Games on Trust Platform use a random number generator that includes a customizable client-side seed and server-side seed, allowing players to make sure their games are provably fair.

Live Chat Support

In addition to offering a range of different blockchain-based games, Trust Dice also allows users to chat via a live chat function in order to discuss the best gaming strategies or send tips to one another in BTC, ETH, or EOS — big players often tip new players with $10 to $20 worth of crypto to get started with in order to welcome them to the community. Live chat support is also available via a quick chat button that puts players in contact with the support team instantly.

Trust Dice & Bitcoin Casino Benefits

The Trust Dice platform isn’t limited to gaming only. Trust Dice players benefit from a play-to-mine system that allows gamers to mine the native currency of the Trust Platform, called TXT. When users play games such as Trust Dice and bet any digital currency, such as USDT, BTC, or EOS, they are rewarded with TXT tokens. 

TXT tokens can be used on the Trust Platform or traded on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies — which can then be used for more gaming on the Trust Dice Bitcoin Casino or sold for cash. Trust Dice also provides gamers with EOS and Bitcoin dividends as a reward for staking their TXT tokens on the Trust Platform.

When gamers stake TXT, they are provided with a daily payment of Bitcoin and EOS dividends, that can be saved, sent to exchanges, or used to make more winning bets. A Trust Dice Crypto faucet also allows users to claim a small amount of cryptocurrency for free, daily, which can be converted into free EOS or free Bitcoin.

Trust Dice maintains a Bitcoin forum in which gamers can discuss the latest crypto and gaming news, participate in Bitcoin giveaways or crypto challenges, or take part in interesting and exciting forum activities organized by the Trust Dice team.

The launch of the brand new Trust Dice Bitcoin Casino is a major step forward for the Trust Dice platform, providing gamers with interesting and exciting new blockchain-based games that allow players to make provably fair bets across a variety of different game types and modes.

Trust Dice invites all Trust Platform gamers and new gamers to try our new Bitcoin Casino and enjoy our new series of provably-fair blockchain games today!

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