Truckcoin – The Fastest Payment Processing Cryptocurrency ICO to Launch on 1st December 2017

Cryptocurrencies have never really been fully adopted by the public mainly due to the complexity of operating such accounts. However, Truckcoin is about to change this by offering the first fully digital personal banking platform. Truckcoin seeks to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies by specifically encouraging improving the speed of payment processing. The evidence of the anticipation the market can be seen in the success of the Pre-ICO.

Most recent cryptocurrency Pre-ICOs have flopped because the platforms did not offer something new. It was the same type of altcoin only with a different name. However, once enthusiasts got wind of the Truckcoin platform they immediately realized that it was something different. The development team expected the Pre-ICO to last around 30 days, but within the first day, all the coins were sold out. Truckcoin is one of the handful of platforms that have been able to do achieve this fete.

This success is due to the unique proposition that Truckcoin offers the cryptocurrency community. Above everything else is security. Truckcoin uses next-gen decentralized encryption to protect the synchronized ledger. This ensures that only those on the platform will be able to see the transaction history on the blockchain. Truckcoin goes further than that by providing an additional feature that shuffles the public keys. As the public keys change, nefarious individuals are unable to track the transactions from a specific account. This is the first true case of security. The information presented is anonymous, unlikable and free from analysis.

Another feature that sets Truckcoin apart from other altcoins is the fact that it relies on proof-of-work instead of proof-of-stake. This is a more robust architecture that accounts for 55 percent of the market capitalization. Tapping into a larger pool with fewer competitors is one of the most endearing features of Truckcoin to investors and users. Furthermore, the value is guaranteed to increase based on the architecture choice.

Truckcoin also seeks to provide the cryptocurrency industry with a cryptocurrency platform that can facilitate remittance and payment processing. The biggest challenge is accessibility to ordinary users. Most people do not walk around with powerful laptops when going about their day. Instead, they carry phones, tablets, and netbooks. Truckcoin opted for a scalable e-wallet that can run on any laptop, tablet, and Android or iOS mobile device. The scaling and pruning ensure that the e-wallet does not become larger than the storage space on these devices. Most of the time the applications will only be between 1-2MB.

The speed of transactions has been enhanced by adding high-speed and high-volume transaction capabilities to improve remittance and payment processing. All the senders need to do is link their private key with the recipient’s public key, and the transaction will be completed. This takes less than 30 seconds making it the first proof-or-work cryptocurrency that can be used for payment processing.

Investors can contribute to the success of the platform while earning handsome returns for themselves during the upcoming ICO. Already, the platform is beyond reproach with a unique offering. The ICO will run from 1st to 31st December 2017. Investors can purchase a ticket that will be between $20-50 depending on the bonus and discounts available. Each ticket will be equivalent to three Truckcoins. Based on the pre-ICO success, these tickets are expected to sell out quickly. Considering the ICO coins are capped at 513,333, make sure you do not miss out on one of the best ICO launches this year.

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