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Trinity Lock-up Program Closed with the Hard Cap Reached in Advance!

TNC Lock-up and Reward Program closed at the block height of 2148616 on April 15, 2018 with the hard cap reached. The locking address received 476 transactions in total.

The Lock-up and Reward Program started at the block height of 2145188 (the block included). The first 5,000,000 transfers (with 10% reward) finished at the block height of 2145202 (the block included).

The 5,000,000th to 15,000,000th transfers (with 7.5% reward) finished at the block height of 2146999, including a transfer of 500,000 in which 100,000 belonged to the 7.5% reward category and the rest 400,000 fell into the next reward category.

The 15,000,000th to 35,000,000th transfers (with 5% reward) finished at the block height of 2148616, including one transfers of 300,000 in which 120,000 belonged to the 5% reward category and the rest 180,000 will be returned.

Transfers made afterwards were invalid in the lock-up program. To confirm information on the lock-up program, you can use the Neo explorers that support NEP construct assets to view transaction status.

We would like to thank all community members who participated in the program.

Trinity Foundation has announced the lock-up address:


Users can add the lock-up contract address to their monitoring wallet.

The lock-up program has a hard cap of 35,000,000 TNC with a lock-up period of 9 months. The lock-up program was released at the timestamp of the first block height after 00:00 Beijing time (UTC +8) on April 15, 2018.

Once the lock-up program starts, the earlier participants enter the locking address, the more reward they will get.

The first 5,000,000 TNC holders entering the locking address will get 10% of their locking amount as a reward,

The 5,000,000th to 15,000,000th TNC holders entering the locking address will get 7.5% of their locking amount as a reward,

The 15,000,000th to 35,000,000th TNC holders entering the locking address will get 5% of their locking amount as a reward,

The reward will be sent to the address that originally sends TNCs as lock-up. Users can receive TNCs they locked and the reward in their wallet.

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The Lock-up and Reward Program follows the rules:

Each transfer ranges from 10,000 to 500,000. Transfers made after 00:00 on April 15, 2018 (Beijing time) are packed into blocks and deemed valid transfers.

For valid transfers, their valid amounts are integer multiples of 10,000.

The valid amounts stop to be accumulated after the 35,000,000 hard cap is reached.

Invalid transfers and invalid amounts of valid transfers will be rejected and refunded.

It only took less than one day for the Lock-up and Reward Program to reach the hard cap with the help of both the Trinity Foundation and its community. It represents an exploration of the blockchain industry by the development team of Trinity, which is made possible by the firm support from the Trinity community.

We want to once again thank the Trinity community for your long-standing support. Trinity is dedicated to developing a universal off-chain scaling solution. Please stay tuned for our further development.

Trinity Chinese Telegram:

Trinity Ensligh Telegram:



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