Triggmine the latest company to demonstrate the potential of crypto for email marketers

Email automation SaaS Triggmine upgrades its services with the help of crypto and AI. Now crypto will help the whole email marketing industry to reach even greater heights.

Triggmine is on a mission to revolutionize old-fashioned email marketing, with the help of crypto and AI. Its Main Token Sale will open up a whole new field of marketing potential for E-commerce entrepreneurs.

AI, not entrepreneurs, will be called on to segment databases and craft email campaigns, with Triggmine’s new AI email marketing system. Triggmine’s AI will help business owners communicate effectively with their customers, leading them from first purchase to continuing loyalty, thanks to the help of these new innovations:

Artificial Intelligence. Triggmine will analyze a large quantity of data: demographic characteristics, interaction history, degree of sensitivity to discounts, and interests in relation to product categories. As a result, AI-based campaigns will be highly personalized and more effective than traditional email marketing.

Smart Contracts. For the very first time, email marketing software takes financial responsibility for users’ business results. Triggmine guarantees improved email marketing performance according to special recommendations, based on benchmarks, business stages, industry specifics, etc. All guidance will be based on detailed AI analysis.

Blockchain Platform. Ethereum blockchain will be used for executing smart contracts, making data storage safe, and facilitating decentralization. The technology will also be used to guarantee 100% quality of AI-based email automation.

For Triggmine, cryptocurrency is not about raising money, but about developing unique solutions.

The primary goal of the Presale is to raise sufficient funds for the development of the Smart Contract. For users, it means that Triggmine will back up their business financially. The Main Token Sale will raise funds for the development of the AI-driven neural network to help users launch highly personalized email campaigns.

Check out the Whitepaper to learn more about the product. The token sale starts 1 day early for all whitelisted users. You can also benefit from a 20% discount on TRG for the first 48 hours of the token sale.

If you’re looking for a promising AI-driven project to invest in, this is the time to make a choice!


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