Trident ICO to Develop New Investment Pattern

We are only eight days into 2018, but the cryto currency market has already achieved another major milestone as the total value of crypto currency assets has gone past $800 billion for the first time, in this large market every coin is in race to prove their technology and they are coming with perfect concept in the market.

It is likely that entire cryptocurrency market would grow exponentially and the valuation exponentially and the valuation of the market grows to many trillions of dollars by the end of 2018. Consequently many investors in the market have started to diversify their investments into other crypto currencies and the trend has been evident in the decline of the dominance index of bitcoin.

In this growing market many investors want to invest but they are in big confusion, where to invest? TRIDENT (TDC) coin is solution for all of them , Trident is very first cryptocurrency index fund, This makes it possible for everyone to have own diverse crypto portfolio without actually to buy different cryptocurrencies.

Trident is in Pre ICO phase and giving investors the chance to get involved, we are getting massive response to our pre sale and hopefully we will complete our Pre-sale phase before the estimated time.

The primary goal of Trident ICO is to develop new investment pattern. That makes actual process of investing easier to those involved.The ICO funding will be used to purchase top 10 digital assets. The index fund will provide investors complete blockchain transparency.

Looking to the future, TridentCoin comes as a result of aspects such as coin supply, mining and algorithms, its unique features and the supportive community. If one takes all of this into consideration, it is easy to see why TridentCoin is well ahead of its time and is an excellent investment opportunity. It is further backed by its supply and demand combined with the Trident lending platform. As time goes by, TridentCoin will show an upward movement due to the fact that it has a fixed and steady supply of new Trident coins. The system, which is cleverly designed to self-regulate will create many wealthy investors in the future.

Trident offers many exciting and lucrative investment options for customers. Trading with TridentCoin is but one such an option. Others include TridentCoin lending or staking. In short this implies customers to buy into TridentCoin and earn interest on a daily basis based on the amount of TridentCoin they hold. Another way is to get your family and friends involved in the exciting business by signing on and joining the lending platform. This will earn you extra money.

Blockchain technology is making way for investors who are looking for more. TridentCoin is the perfect investment solution for those who care about the financial stability of their families and loved ones.

Trident Main sale will be begin from 11th jan 2018,

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