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We’ve been hearing so much about Bitcoin casinos, it seems that everybody forgot about Ethereum. Many gamblers these days prefer to use a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, simply for the fact that many don’t like waiting 10+ minutes for a transaction to confirm. With Ethereum, transactions process much faster which allows for less downtime when gambling. Most Bitcoin casinos these days accept Ethereum as payment, let’s take a look at some of our favorite Ethereum casinos and what they have to offer.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency gambling may be subject to legal restrictions in some regions.

Casino Deposit Bonus Rating Visit Site

100% up to 1 BTC



25 BTC + 500 Spins



5 BTC +180 Spins



5 BTC +250 Spins



7 BTC 




This is one of the older cryptocurrency casinos that has been on the market for quite some time. Bitcoincasino.us supports BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and DOGE on its platform. If you visit this casino, there are always promotions going on in the form of cashback options and free spins. Bitcoincasino.us has many different types of games including High Roller games, Table games, Jackpot games, Roulette, Slots and Poker. Bitcoincasino.us will also accept US players and doesn’t require extensive KYC on its platform.


mBit is another longstanding player in the Bitcoin casino world that has been around for a few years. mBit is from Curacao and is fully licensed under their laws. mBit’s main focus is the support of live dealers. This casino didn’t used to accept cryptocurrencies other than BTC, but they now support ETH, BCH, LTC and DOGE – same as Bitcoincasino. It’s worth checking out mBit casino if you don’t find games that you like on Bitcoincasino.us. The two platforms are extremely similar, they just offer different games.


BitStarz is the most popular Bitcoin casino on this list. It also falls under the Curacao jurisdiction just like mBit casino. This seems to be a common trend among cryptocurrency casinos as gambling laws in Curacao are extremely favorable.

BitStarz offers a selection of over 1,000 different games, with more being added every day. Bitstarz is also renowned to have support for other major altcoins, Ethereum being one of them.

This particular Bitcoin casino prides itself on having exceptional customer support. You can reach them any time 24/7 and get your questions answered quickly. The team not only relies on livechat but also has plenty of social media channels you can reach them at such as Reddit, Twitter, etc.


This list wouldn’t be complete without including FortuneJack – another big player in the Bitcoin casino industry. It’s also regulated in Curacao, which as you can see is a common trend for crypto casinos. FortuneJack has some of the best website designs I’ve experienced when it comes to Bitcoin casinos and their games are incredibly smooth. If you like high quality games make sure to check out FortuneJack. FortuneJack also supports a variety of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum.


Another pioneer among Bitcoin casinos, 1xBit offer support to the most cryptocurrencies out of all the casinos on this list. In fact, 1xBit offer support for more than 30 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Ripple and much much more.

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1xBit also provides a quick 1-click registration method that doesn’t require any personal data. 1xBit has over 5000 slots and games including 2 live tables. Moreover, this Bitcoin casinos has some huge bonuses one of which is a package of up to 7 bitcoins! Definitely make sure to check out this casino at least for the awesome bonus.

What are Ethereum Casinos?

If you aren’t familiar with Ethereum casinos, they are a subset of Bitcoin casinos. A Bitcoin casino is another word for an online casino that accepts cryptocurrency, technically you can also call these sites crypto casinos. Don’t confuse Ethereum casinos with dApps – because they are not. An Ethereum casino is simply that, an online casino that accepts Ethereum. While some ETH casinos can be dApps, most are not. It will take some time for developers to build full fledged dApp casinos, right now most Ethereum gambling dApps are simple dice games.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin’s blockchain which is solely used to transfer coins, Ethereum’s blockchain is meant for smart contracts – aka dApps. Ethereum is dubbed the world computer because it lets users deploy and interact with apps on its blockchain. Many cryptocurrency users prefer Ethereum over Bitcoin for its speed and versatility. Moreover, many apps that run on the Ethereum blockchain can only interact with ETH and not BTC.

Where to Buy Ethereum?

To participate in an Ethereum casino you first must acquire some ETH. There are plenty of different ways to acquire ETH ranging from using a credit card, bank transfer, cash etc. If you’re in the US, the easiest and fastest way to obtain Ethereum is by using Coinbase. You can buy up to $100 worth of cryptocurrency within minutes using your credit card. It doesn’t get much easier than that! If you don’t like Coinbase, you can check out our list of Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges for 2019 – US Friendly Version.

Are Ethereum Casinos Legal in the US? 

This is definitely a gray area because current laws in the US do not explicitly state that crypto gambling is illegal. At the same time, there are no laws that regulate cryptocurrency gambling which makes it a gray area. It also depends on which state in the US you are located. Some states did put a ban on online gambling in general, those states include: Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. Many casinos play it safe with US clients and simply block US IPs. All the casinos mentioned above will accept US players except for 1xBit.

Are Ethereum Casinos Provably Fair?

A provably fair casino is one where you can verify your bet and make sure that the casino didn’t just spit out a random outcome. While the casinos mentioned above have provably fair games, most of the games are not provably fair. If you’re a stickler for playing provably fair games I would suggest checking out a dice game like DuckDice, it’s a simple dice game where each outcome can be independently verified.

Why Choose an Ethereum Casino?

There are many reasons to choose an Ethereum casino over a regular online casino. There are three main benefits to cryptocurrency casinos: Anonymity, Provability and Speed. When it comes to using a Bitcoin or Ethereum casino you usually don’t have to disclose any personal information. With regular online casinos, while you may not have to do any KYC, you end up providing them with your payment details which contain all of your personally identifiable information.

The second main benefit of Bitcoin or Ethereum casinos is the option of playing provably fair games. That’s a trend that has started with crypto gambling businesses and one that ensures fairness.

Last but not least, because crypto based online casinos only accept cryptocurrencies, cashouts are extremely fast and seamless. You don’t have to wait days for the money to arrive at your bank account and most cash outs happen within an hour.

One benefit to using Ethereum rather than Bitcoin for online gambling is the speed of Ethereum’s blockchain. Because transactions confirm much faster, you can send deposit and receive cashouts much faster than with Bitcoin. I personally hate waiting for my Bitcoin deposits because that can take hours. If I deposit ETH that usually takes a few minutes at most.

What Is the House Edge for Ethereum Casinos?

For the Ethereum casinos mentioned above, the house edge ranges between 0.5% to 2% depending on which game you play. To put this in perspective, the house edge for slot machines in Las Vegas can be as high as 10%. Table games like poker and roulette have a much better house edge of around 5%.

The house edge for Ethereum casinos is quite low when compared to regular casinos. This is possible with the low overhead when it comes to transaction fees. If these casinos used fiat, there would be all sorts of fees involved in their operation such as deposit/withdrawal fees, bank fees, etc. Without the overhead, Ethereum casinos can pass on the fees to the player and in return have a lower house edge. Moreover, with all the competition surrounding Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos its in their best interest to keep a low house edge to keep the players coming back.

What Is Ethereum Smart Contract Gambling?

There is another type of Ethereum casinos which are called dApps. Those are smart contracts that live on the Ethereum blockchain and are fully autonomous. That means that whenever you play a game you can know for a fact the casinos house edge, all the rules are written in the code; It doesn’t get any more transparent than this. Smart contract gambling is an extremely attractive feature both for users and for operators. However, we’ve only come so far as to have smart contract dice games. As the Ethereum network matures and developers start getting more familiar with Solidity (the programming language for smart contracts), there will be more complete gambling dApps that will resemble today’s Bitcoin casinos. Unfortunately, we’re not there quite yet.

Is Ethereum Gambling Safe?

Ethereum gambling is just as safe as Bitcoin gambling. Cryptocurrency can be a double edged sword. If you use trustworthy casinos you won’t have any issues with Bitcoin or Ethereum deposits and withdrawals. However, if you use a sketchy online casino you will most likely run into issues with withdrawals, especially if you win big. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re using Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, if the casino you’re depositing to is not trustworthy, you will have a bad time.

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