Top Cat-Themed Meme Coins Mog Coin and MEW Prices Decline. What’s Fueling the Rise of New Crypto Raboo?

‌ In the world of cat meme coins, Mog Coin and MEW have seen significant price declines. Meanwhile, a new crypto, Raboo, is making waves. Currently in its fourth stage of presale, Raboo has seen a 60% increase since Stage 1, amassing over $1.6 million. 

With over 8,000 registered members and 2,500 token holders, the $RABT token is priced at just $0.0048. Analysts expect Raboo to grow 233% during the presale and surge 100x on launch day in 2024. 

Let’s see why this new crypto is attracting so much attention!

Mog Coin faces market challenges 

Mog Coin (MOG) has seen a surge in volume, causing increased volatility and price instability. Despite this, high demand could drive MOG‘s price upward. Consolidation may help, but if Bitcoin drops below $66k, market sentiment could suffer.

MOG has experienced a weekly decline of over 37%. However, forecasts for MOG remain positive, predicting only a temporary 15-20% decrease from current prices. Currently, MOG is valued at $0.0000009, showing a monthly gain of about 85%. These fluctuations highlight the dynamic nature of Mog Coin and its potential for future growth.

MEW token: A rising potential among cat meme coins

Recently, the MEW token had surged by over 10% in a single day, reigniting interest in cat meme coins. Positive news and new partnerships fueled MEW‘s momentum, pushing its value higher. 

MEW, or “Cat in a Dog’s World,” has gained popularity with a market cap of $348 million. Despite a 16% drop this week, MEW has grown by 10.3% monthly and 108% overall, presenting a potential buying opportunity.

MEW‘s tokenomics are intriguing. Out of 88 billion total tokens, 90% have been burned, leaving only 10% for the Solana community. This limited supply and growing demand could drive MEW’s price up. 

Additionally, MEW‘s recent partnership with LOCUS Studios aims to create a 3D animated series, blending top-notch animation with the Solana meme coin community, and bringing cryptocurrency closer to mainstream culture.

Raboo’s explosive presale: The new crypto everyone’s talking about

Raboo’s post-to-earn SocialFi model allows users to monetize their social media content. This innovative scheme aims to build the largest meme-loving community in Web3, offering numerous opportunities for user engagement and income generation.

Raboo distinguishes itself in the meme coin market with innovative features that make it a standout. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Raboo ensures its meme content is always fresh, engaging, and highly relevant. This technology not only generates original memes but also curates viral content from the internet, providing a continuous stream of top-quality memes.

Raboo’s AI-driven approach powers meme-generating contests, creating an engaging and dynamic platform for users. This setup rewards creativity with substantial profits, making it an attractive option for meme enthusiasts.

Early investors benefit from Raboo’s staking options and token-burning mechanism. By reducing the token supply, these features help increase the token’s value, providing ongoing returns. Adding to its appeal, Raboo is launching an NFT collection, which caters to the growing interest in non-fungible tokens and adds another layer of profitability, given the explosive potential and the growing interest in the NFT market.

Because of these features, market analysts predict significant growth for Raboo, with potential returns of up to 233% during the presale and a 100x surge post-listing. 


The recent decline in prices of cat meme coins like Mog Coin and MEW highlights the volatile nature of the market. However, the new crypto Raboo is capturing investor interest with its innovative features and strong presale performance. Raboo is selling out rapidly, making this a limited-time opportunity to get in early. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting new crypto. Join the Raboo presale today and be part of the next big wave in the meme coin market!

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