Top 5 Mistakes Made by Business Blockchain Projects

Since blockchain technology became a trend in the tech industry, more and more companies have begun researching, testing and implementing blockchain-based technologies across a variety of projects. However, due to the state of the market, many of these projects will fail to see public use, mostly due to mistakes made by developers.

In this article, we will cover five of the main mistakes seen in business and enterprise-based blockchain projects.

  1. Following the trend, yet misunderstanding the purpose of blockchain technology

Let’s be blunt. Many companies are trying to implement such projects because of the trend. In doing so, many fail to carefully research the main purposes and limitations of blockchain networks. For a project to be successful, it requires a trust model which can be implemented across the ecosystem in order to help identify untrusted areas where the technology has purpose.

  1. Failing to thoroughly research smart contracts

Smart contracts are a marvel of technology, yet there are several disadvantages to them. These include a lack of manageability, auditability and scalability. Additionally, most of the time there is a lack of legal framework for the operation of such contracts. Therefore, if a project involves them, developers need to make sure that both operational and policy management are provided, and that the contracts in question can execute from a legal perspective.

  1. Assuming that the technology is ready to use by the public

Everyone wants blockchain technology to go mainstream, yet the technology is still in its beginning stages. Deploying a blockchain-based project to the public without prior testing, education and research can lead to disaster. What’s more, its use needs to be accounted for from a legal and regulatory perspective.

  1. Outsourcing and failing to educate the company and the public

Due to a lack of experience, certain companies may go ahead and outsource the development of blockchain-based technology. This itself isn’t an issue, yet not incorporating a learning curve for both the company and the public is the perfect recipe for a failed project. Companies need to be well aware of the current limitations of their blockchain software, and should carry out experiments with different varieties of code, business models and platforms to ensure success.

  1. Seeing blockchain technology as a storage tool

While the blockchain can definitely store data, its data management capabilities aren’t as good. Therefore, implementing this technology for the sole purpose of keeping records may not be the best choice. Therefore, development teams need to make sure that the use of the blockchain for this purpose really benefits the current state of the company.

What do you personally think about these mistakes? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.