Toncoin, Thorchain, and Everlodge, 3 Cryptos Disrupting Industries

Toncoin’s innovative approach resonates strongly with investors. Thorchain gains attention due to its cross-chain liquidity, and Everlodge is revolutionizing the housing market by merging blockchain technology with property ownership. Explore how these tokens can benefit your portfolio.

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Toncoin – Security Is Key

Toncoin is the backbone of the TON network, serving multiple roles and powering network operations. Toncoin’s use cases in diverse applications, paired with the underlying technology, position Toncoin for greater adoption. The project’s focus is on decentralized communication and security. The inherent demand for secure solutions positions Toncoin in a top spot at a time when digital privacy is vital.

Telegram announced that it would integrate the TON network into the app’s user interface. The TON wallet was so far only available as a standalone version with more than 3 million registered users. With the implementation, it becomes available to over 800 million users. This news has seen Toncoin rally by more than 10%, and at press time, Toncoin trades at $2.37.

Thorchain – The Cross-Chain Liquidity Solution

Thorchain addresses the fundamental challenge of cross-chain liquidity. The DeFi sector keeps growing, and so does the demand to interact comfortably between multiple blockchain ecosystems. Thorchain offers an innovative approach to interact seamlessly across chains, offering users an efficient way to access liquidity and make transactions.

With the main focus on interoperability and liquidity provision, Thorchain has garnered significant interest from experts in the market and has a forecast for substantial growth potential. The lending protocol on the Thorchain went live recently and has drawn interest from investors. It enables users to leverage Bitcoin or Ethereum and secure loans in TOR. Experts see this as a bullish catalyst for demand, and Thorchain shows green charts with more room for growth, with Thorchain holders looking to buy the dip.

Everlodge – The Unique Property Marketplace

Everlodge will offer a unique property marketplace for vacation rentals. Anyone can invest in luxury holiday homes, hotels, and more. Everlodge uses blockchain technology to translate ownership value into fractionalized NFTs, allowing fractional ownership of any asset in the ecosystem regardless of origin or financial situation.

Everlodge will provide this service by minting high-end properties into NFTs. This will reduce costs, and ease the entire process dramatically. ELDG is the native token that powers the ecosystem. ELDG holders can benefit from the Everlodge rewards club with free nightly stays in Everlodge properties or they can sell these nights if not able to use them. Everlodge token holders can use their governance voting rights to direct the project at its core, receive passive income through staking, as well as various discounts.

The presale is in phase 3 with the ELDG token available on the official website for just $0.018. With the backing of the global housing market’s demand, Everlodge is set for a pioneering role, and experts forecast a price increase for Everlodge to $0.038 before the presale ends.

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