Tokenization of multibillion market of bloggers advertising

The market of native advertising is deeper than ever and keeps growing

Youtube has conquered the world of video entertainment. claims that Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day and YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day. Therefore, by advertising with bloggers it’s possible to cover a huge amount of target audience. The most efficient type of advertising has proved to be native advertising as banner and ad blindness doesn’t occur and the viewer is more engaged. According to Business Insider, native display ad revenue just in the US will rise at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% during this time period to exceed $36 billion. These figures reflect the growth of bloggers native advertising market. However, there is a way to help it develop faster and deeper. It’s Blockchain. — the first platform with free intellectual search engine based on Blockchain is an intellectual p2p marketplace that connects players of bloggers native advertising market with IT startups. At this point, more than 170k international Youtubers with at least 20k subscribers each are represented on the platform. has a mission: eliminating the barriers that hamper the development of bloggers native advertising market. In order to do that, Blockchain has been implemented on the platform.

Blockchain develops international interconnections between bloggers and advertisers

Advertisers often want to work with bloggers from other countries but, normally, a high commission is required for an international money transaction. Advertisers either lose money or reject the idea of working with such bloggers. Blockchain facilitates the financial side of the relationships between the international market players. Paying in QZs — the crypto currency of Efir — will allow avoiding any extra expenses.

Blockchain makes the deal fair and transparent. It’s beneficial for bloggers, advertisers and external startups.

Smart-contract implies the presence of oracles that monitor the deal. has an open API that allows external startups to join it and perform as oracles. Those startups can monitor any type of conditions. For example, whether or not the video has received the number of likes, views and comments set up by the advertiser. Or how many times a blogger has shown the promoted product. The startups will be taking a commission for their services and can compete with each other depending on which one can offer a better service for a better price.

Efir offers only the oracle that is related to its project Assessment of bloggers PR quality. This oracle will allow measuring the emotional influence of bloggers videos. For example, an advertiser wants the viewers to feel +30 for happiness. It will be one of conditions that have to be fulfilled to complete the deal. Other oracles will be external and won’t affiliate with Efir.

How is the presence of external oracles beneficial for bloggers? With smart-contract and the oracle by Efir, they can finally get payment not just for the obvious results of their ads (which is normally measured by amount of likes, comments and views) but also for PR. This is fair as bloggers advertisement is much more about creating a positive image among subscribers and making them feel positively toward products.

Smart-contracts allow advertisers to know exactly what they pay their money for because the money will be taken off their Ethereum wallet only after external oracles submit that all the conditions have been met. For external startups it’s obviously profitable as it gives them an extra place for selling their services. has already gone through 2 stages of token exchanges and collected 1250 ETH from more than a hundred investors and funds. The project has recently announced the start of the main token exchange. More information here:

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