THOUGHT, The World’s First Public Mineable AI Blockchain, Launches ICO

Thought, an artificial intelligence and blockchain start-up backed by Harrisburg University, is developing a completely new way of utilizing and processing data by integrating artificial intelligence and smart logic into every bit of data.

“In the few past decades, humans have advanced in technology at an exponential pace. It is incredible to witness. But all of these innovations have also caused an explosion of data. Everything ranging from social media to human genome research generates massive amounts of data,” says CEO and Founder of Thought, Professor Andrew Hacker.

“Currently, all data is created equal until it is sorted through and categorized by special algorithms. Data is inherently inanimate – it only becomes useful when it is processed by an application. The massive growth in data creation is adding up to a landscape littered with too much information and applications, and insufficient intelligence to handle all of it,” explains Professor Hacker, who has been granted a US patent for his innovative concept of Smart Data.

By combining the application layer into the data layer, Thought’s Smart Data becomes aware of its origin, knows its purpose, and is able to act on its own to accomplish its goal. It eliminates the need for traditional applications that traditionally make it possible for data to move between devices, cutting costs and complexity associated with these applications while also increasing speed.

Equality to the monopolistic world of AI

In addition, Thought is able to bring equality and accessibility to the highly monopolistic world of AI, where only large companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook have the capability to develop artificial intelligence.

“Till this day, access to AI and big data has been limited to only a handful of organizations, but for seeing true innovation take place, AI and data have to become easily accessed and available to everyone who’s looking to work with this emerging technology,” says the COO of Thought, Nathaniel DiMemmo.

Thought is building a foundational, information transformation network with data as the commodity. Participants are able to exchange data and applications, and the ecosystem is able to host data-hungry applications for researchers in fields like AI, healthcare, transportation, and communications. The open marketplace of information opens up new possibilities for smaller organizations to utilize AI.

Blockchain’s unparalleled security

Integrating blockchain technology introduces unparalleled security to the whole ecosystem of Thought. “Using blockchain technology allows us to protect every bit of information with multi-layered encryption, creating the highest level of security,” explains Samuel Jones, Chief Software Engineer for Thought.


Building something as complex as Thought requires highly dedicated, technically savvy, professionals and knowledgeable advisors. Thankfully, Thought has exactly these people. Thought’s development team is over 15 team members strong and their incredible board of advisors ranges from PhDs to a retired Army Colonel.

Gil Obrien, CMO of Thought added, “Working at Thought has been, and will continue to be, an incredible experience. Our team is extremely dedicated and experienced in their respective fields. We have managed to solve all of the issues that have stood in our way and have powered towards the completion of our platform.”

“Working with Thought has been a great experience for me. Tackling real issues with experienced colleagues is invigorating,” says Samuel Heybey, Software Developer at Thought.

“The upcoming release of the Thought Blockchain, and its applications for businesses and consumers in artificial intelligence and analytics represents the bleeding edge of innovation,” says Dr. Eric Darr, President of Harrisburg University and one of the advisors of Thought. “Harrisburg University looks forward to continuing its work with Mr. Hacker and Thought Network as they continue developing new and valuable technology.”

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