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The Yodse project will launch a blockchain based ecosystem for direct connection of manufacturers and customers of industrial goods

Nowadays intermediaries are one of the economy problems. So, according to the most conservative estimates, their services costs 30-40% of the goods price. At the same time, in some manufacturing sectors their remuneration reaches from 100% to 300%. This percent is put down on the final buyer’s shoulders, who just doesn’t have the other choice if he really needs to buy new goods. The most interesting fact about intermediaries is that they won’t even improve the products, but just use the modern instruments of marketing and the product promotion through the various platforms, and sometimes just only transfer goods further along the chain. Why does it happen?

It is possible to explain due to statistics. In 2016 about 60,3% of buyers used the Internet for obtaining information about goods while only 44,1% of manufacturers have used the Internet resource for products, works and services information placement. An interesting fact is that in the same 2016 41,6% of buyers have used the Internet to place orders for products and services while only 19,3% of manufacturers used the Internet for obtaining orders for supplied goods and services. This fact demonstrates the low level of manufacturers progressive development, which ultimately leads to such a large-scale distribution of intermediaries, who are more qualified in these cases.

The Yodse project team has rather thoroughly went over this question, and its experts have decided to eradicate this problem with the blockchain technology. In their opinion, the blockchain will allow to get rid of the large-scale distribution of intermediaries in the retail sphere of industrial equipment. The Yodse platform is created to provide a direct connection between the final consumer and the manufacturer of industrial goods.

Introducing to Yodse

Yodse (Your Open Direct Sales Ecosystem) represents a global, decentralized and open ecosystem which is based on the blockchain technology. Similar technologies haven’t been realized in the real sector of economy yet, so considering this the Yodse platform will become a unique Internet ecosystem which will provide the most comfortable, fast and favorable interaction between manufacturers of industrial goods and their consumers. The Yodse creators plan to introduce this ecosystem on the territory of the CIS countries, Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA, that will bring effectiveness and success to the participants of these B2B-trade markets.

Yodse founders are going to unite interests of manufacturers and consumers of the real sector of economy erasing the borders and distances between them and increasing efficiency and transparency of all business processes at the same time. This will become possible due to blockchain technologies implementation. Thus, the potential of the similar platform is huge – beginning with increase speed of the received goods by the customer up to profit increase of the goods manufacturer due to bigger loyalty and customer focus.

What does the Yodse platform provide for its customers?

Yodse ecosystem will provide a favorable and fast interaction for its users, represented by customers, manufacturers and service companies, when purchasing and selling the industrial goods. This opportunity will be realized by the personal account of each user, where the customer will be able to find, order and pay for the necessary products. A manufacturer will be able to place the product and to carry out its sale with the help of personal account. The service companies will be able to provide the services and to receive payment for them through the personal account. In doing all of this, participants of the Yodse platform would be assisted by the existence of transit account where the customer’s money will be held until the completion of the transaction. Then manufacturers and service companies receive the payment excluding the commission of the Yodse platform which varies depending on the used type of currency (1% of the commission via Yodse tokens, 1,5% with any other cryptocurrency and 3% with traditional currencies). The payment for goods realized with cryptocurrencies allows to attract those companies which prefer digital means of payment on the market of industrial goods. The quantity of such companies grows every day because of the global promotion of this payment method. In turn, implementation of payments by customers in cryptocurrency allows manufacturers to receive highly liquid digital assets and to diversify the risks.

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To speak about the benefit which will be created by the Yodse platform for each of its participants then it should be considered separately for the each of three parties of users. So, the consumer will be given an opportunity to buy high quality products directly from the manufacturer and to spend less assets and time. Communication with the seller within a chat will allow the buyer to describe all required characteristics of a product and to receive the certain product which is necessary.

Besides an obvious opportunity to get more profit, to the manufacturers the Yodse platform will allow to considerably cut down expenses on promotion of goods and to simplify the enter to the market with new goods and to speed up their realization. Besides, by means of Yodse producers will considerably expand the client base. Service companies will be able to receive orders and to learn about requirements directly from buyers, providing such services which will satisfy in the best way with everything to their wishes. All this will also allow them to increase profit, client base and loyalty of users.

The Yodse token’s economy

The Yodse token, unlike many other companies coming to ICO, is not just a token which allows the project team to collect necessary investments for its realization in the future. Within Yodse the token is such coin which allows the platform to fully function. Concerning its role in Yodse ecosystem, the token will allow to pay services and remunerations of the platform, due to which the stable work of the platform will be supported. The customers will be able to pay for goods and for contractors’ services who, in turn, will pay with tokens for the platform services. Besides that, the acquired Yodse tokens allow to become the participant of the referral program and to gain income from sales, moreover, to participate in the platform improvement and the expansion process of its functionality.

Yodse platform carries out a preliminary sale of tokens within which the most favorable terms are provided to the buyers. So, during the pre-ICO (from April 23 to May 6, 2018) it is possible to buy Yodse token with a bonus of 30% of its initial price which is $1. This price is valid not only on the pre-ICO period, but also within the main stage of sale (from May 20 to July 30, 2018) which will also differ by the existence of bonuses for buyers, however the amount of the bonuses will be much lower.  The Yodse token will be added to listing of the largest exchanges in July-August 2018, where it can be bought or sold after the ICO ends. Besides, the opportunity of granting tokens in a loan under percent will be available to other participants of the Yodse ecosystem.

More detailed information about the project is provided on the official Yodse website where anyone can get acquainted with the Whitepaper and also take part in the pre-ICO.

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