The Token Fund Surpasses $1 Million in Digital Asset Purchases

Investing in digital assets has always been tricky, because there’s a risk involved that not many investors want to take. With the ​The Token Fund ​- which recently surpassed $1 million in digital asset purchases – now you can invest without fearing that your funds might go down the drain.

The fund was launched at the end of March, on the 24th, and thus far it appealed to hundreds of investors curious to know about using digital assets to diversify their portfolios. In the absence of a digital ETF currency, the Token Fund becomes a viable investment solution through its CTF (coin traded fund). The process is easy to go through, and investors can use the perks of a decentralized economy without losing the balance and stability of their digital asset portfolios.

The Token Fund only deals with today’s hottest and most appreciated cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. But it is also open to other currencies, like Bitshares, Litecoin, Golem, Steem and Ripple. To keep a user’s portfolio safe and make sure that the volatility is kept at a minimum, the percentage of the digital currencies and assets on an investor’s portfolio changes periodically (as the market evolves).

Digital currencies with a 24h turnover under $100,000, over a period of 6 months, are excluded from the portfolio. After a user has signed up for the Token Fund, their project wallet can be instantly loaded with Ether or Bitcoin. Afterwards, they’ll receive a number of tokens (TKN), which is the official crypto token of the fund. When Ethereum or Bitcoin transactions used on the platform start creating TKN tokens, the wallet of the user gets “reverted” or “burned” TKNs. An associated value is left behind in the user’s wallet, and prices for TKN tokens are set daily.

The Token Fund is operated on the Ethereum blockchain by 2 contracts. One of the contracts deals with storing balances belonging to the investors (all of them will need to have a TKN contract), and the other contract is in charge of delivering new tokens for the money invested. Users can only access the TKN contract through the Token Fund platform, and it is based on a standard ERC-20 token contract; but there’s an added feature that guarantees new token emission.

In 3 months, the TKN token has increased tremendously in value, from $10 since the launch in March, to $33 on May 22.

token price

The growth can be seen in the below graph, or ​here​, and it is updated constantly. The numbers have spoken, and thus far they indicate that the TKN token is on the roll.

thetoken live update

In spite of being a new player in the crypto investing niche, The Token Fund has proven to have a lot of potential. It gives hope to aspiring investors that investing in a decentralized economy can be a profitable way of diversifying their portfolios.

About the company

The Token Fund is a brand new investing platform that attempts to prove to aspiring investors that investing in a decentralized economy has its fair share of perks.

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