The Polybius Project got $20 Million by Crowdfunding in Just 2 Weeks

As the storm of cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuation continues to rage on, the Polybius ICO crowdfunding is going strong with over 17 thousand participants and has passed 2 critical milestones: two weeks out of five and $20 million in fundraising.

polybius project

With this capital, we can not only get a fully licensed bank in Europe, but also develop the digital passport technology for the people of the world.

The next target is the psychological $25 million milestone. The enthusiasm we got from the ICO participants allows us to enable the “maximum” programme. Once an authorized financial institution, Polybius will aim to become a legal and trusted provider of personal data with focus on governmental acceptance.

By having an all-European single KYC tool to get access and transmit the information between different entities and facilities, the user of Polybius will find itself in a truly digital environment, where any kind of data, be it financial or pharmaceutical records, can be easily reached when required, but kept secure from everyone else. Initially we take Europe on board. Using the latest initiatives inside the European Union, such as the eIDAS initiative, we want to offer a tool which is urgently required to facilitate the development of the Digital Single Market. Reliable, secure and convenient transfer of personal records canenable each person connected to the infrastructure to become fully digital.

At the same time, our Digital Pass will not act as a storage of the information — that would not be safe at all! No one wants their data to be collected in a single place to later be sold on dark market. Digital Pass will be a tool with which the user can authenticate himself and facilitate data remittance, be it credit, medical, insurance, education, legal or financial information. The trust service, Polybius, will make sure that the data is genuine and has not been modified in a devious manner. The all-famous blockchain can be incidentally used to serve as the main accessibility tool, ensuring high level of data protection, immutability and delivery speed.

To join the Polybius ICO crowdfunding we are offering Polybius dividend-tokens called PLBT on our website right now. The tokens are, in fact, the byproduct of a set of Ethereum smart-contracts, which will allow its owners to receive dividends from Polybius. Besides that, after the ICO the tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchange markets, becoming tradable.

The next 7 days the Polybius Tokens are sold with a 10% bonus added to every purchase.