The new cryptocurrency exchange from GOEX: quick, convenient and safe exchange transactions

The digital assets gain the popularity today. Many people have learned how to earn cryptocurrency, but lots of them still experience difficulties about its withdraw or exchange, without knowing what ways are the fastest, the safest and the cheapest. It is necessary to use one of especially existing services in order to realize the cryptocurrency exchange. The simplest in use are the cryptocurrency exchanges, but there are just too many of them. So, how the ordinary crypto enthusiast should choose one of such online services with the smallest losses and risks to exchange the digital assets?

The solution of this problem became the base for the creation of the new, convenient, fast and safe exchange – the GOEX platform. The founders of GOEX have thought how to provide to users the service which they could choose and use due to the comparative advantages on such a competitive market.

Features of the GOEX exchange service for cryptocurrency

One of the key conditions which stimulate the user to choose a certain exchange is a favorable rate of exchange. GOEX provides the service for instant cryptocurrencies exchange providing the best rates on the market. It becomes possible because of the market engine of the platform which analyzes the prices of the cryptocurrencies on the other exchange platforms and finds the best. Thus, rates in GOEX aren’t fixed, they are dynamic. There are two sides of the medal in this case. On the one hand, the lack of the fixed rates allows the GOEX platform to provide the minimum commissions to hold the exchange transactions because the service doesn’t need to undertake the risks of high volatility of cryptocurrencies rates and to add it to the platform’s commissions. Competitive rates and the low commissions are good advantages for the exchange service. However, there is a small problem about the dynamic rates: during the transaction the rate can slightly differ from the initial one.

This problem can be compensated by the high speed of exchange transactions which is guaranteed by the GOEX founders. The cryptocurrencies exchange via GOEX is carried out quickly enough because the speed of transactions depends only on the basic speed of convertible currencies confirmation. An important difference of GOEX from the centralized traditional exchanges is the fact that users don’t need to keep a certain quantity of cryptocurrency in their wallets for the future exchange. Thus, other exchanges support an assets flow, necessary for the exchange transactions implementation. This makes the digital assets of users vulnerable. There is a risk of the possible loss of assets which can happen because of exchanges vulnerability to the hacker’s attacks. The user just sends a certain quantity of cryptocurrency via GOEX which has to be exchanged and then receives the equivalent sum in the acquired cryptocurrency to the wallet. The platform supports the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. The list will constantly extend.

The current state of the GOEX exchange service

The exchange works on the platform at the official GOEX website. Despite the short period of its functioning, the GOEX exchange service becomes more and more popular. Nowadays, from 50 to 170 exchange transactions per day are carried out within the platform and 204 transactions are the maximum amount of transactions carried out per one day.

The users of the GOEX cryptocurrency exchange platform choose it for many reasons: the key advantages, such as speed of transactions, low commission, the safety of operations and the convenience of service and 24/7 support. The GOEX has got the simple and intuitively clear interface which is used on the website through which all the exchange processes are carried out. So users of the platform usually have no questions about how to use a service.

Firstly, the user sees the window for exchange transactions implementation right on the homepage of the website where cryptocurrencies and wallets requisites for sending and receiving cryptocurrency are entered. After that, the GOEX platform will generate the address of a wallet for a deposit where the exchanged cryptocurrency sends. In several moments the user will get the cryptocurrency which he requested in an exchange window. In case of any questions or problems, GOEX support is always there for their users and anyone can ask for the help 24/7.  The constant feedback, certainly, is a pleasant bonus which gives confidence that any issue can be resolved quickly and without excess bureaucracy.

Every user decides whether to choose the GOEX platform as a service for cryptocurrency exchange or not. However, taking into account many advantages of GOEX, it will obviously find the audience and will occupy the niche in the market. The platform shows excellent indicators concerning the number of the carried-out transactions per day right now.

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