The MERCATOX Platform Crowdsale Campaign is Underway

MERCATOX is a world-renowned trading platform which is currently hosting a crowdfunding campaign. For the time being, the platform is operating in a beta environment and aims to offer universal commerce. Combining different aspects of digital money, MERCATOX will also act as a multi-functional platform with automated trading functionalities.

MERCATOX Crowdfunding Campaign Is Underway

The MERCATOX platform brings high expectations to the world of trading digital money. With an automated trading functionality and support for different types and kinds of digital money, the project can quickly become a major contender in the financial sector. But there is much more to MERCATOX than just the trading aspect.

Other features of this up-and-coming platform include integrated payment processing and P2P exchange features. Smart contract technology is being used to automate the vast majority of these features. This is not entirely surprising, considering that smart contracts are an integral part of blockchain technology in the financial sector.

The peer-to-peer exchange feature offered by MERCATOX needs a little bit of explanation. As the platform supports multiple forms and aspects of digital money, users will be able to exchange between different digital and fiat currencies as they choose. For traders in the forex sector, this will be more than the welcome option to complete trades at much lower fees.

Among the supported markets are various e-currencies, as well as popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Traders can raise funds for margin by trading on the exchange, and investors can earn income on any loan they issue to other users. Interested parties can also contact MERCATOX for a white label solution of this trading platform.

A portion of the MERCATOX project has already been implemented and is currently being beta tested by a group of users. Further development will require additional funding. Said funds will be used for other platform functions. By opting to host a crowdsale, MERCATOX hopes to raise a fair amount of money for this future development. In exchange for contributing Bitcoin to the crowdsale, investors will receive their part of the 5% company equity being sold.

Speaking of the MERCATOX crowdfunding campaign, there are just under three weeks left. The company raised 7.69 Bitcoin at the time of writing, although the team has set a 100 Bitcoin minimum target. Depending on when investors purchase shares, they will receive an amount of bonus MERCA tokens.

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