The Humanoid Robot Sophia will be the main speaker during Hacken’s discussion panel at the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos, Switzerland

Switzerland, Davos, January 27, 2018 – The Ukrainian ICO startup, Hacken, will host this ground-breaking discussion at the Ukrainian House in Davos, dedicated to the Fintech industry and the future development of finance architecture. The pre-eminent AI-powered humanoid robot Sophia Hanson will be the panel’s speaker. The principal goal of the panel is to discuss how to improve overall cybersecurity standards around the world, especially in the crypto industry. This discussion is seen as important owing to the ever increasing number and types of cyber attacks globally.

Sophia Hanson has been created, and is evolving “to be as conscious, creative and capable as any human,” (David Hanson, creator). She has engaged in many discussions in a remarkably coherent and comprehensive way, often giving a fascinating insight into the future of AI. Sophia Hanson, being a panel speaker, will discuss questions around the safety of artificial intelligence and its impact on different spheres of people’s lives, both as citizens and users. The  event is going to be held for the first time in the history of Ukraine’s independence. Being a part of this prestigious occasion, Hacken will not only be firmly placing Ukraine amongst the leaders of the global IT market but will also be sharing its wider ideas and concepts regarding the security of IT systems and products.

Hacken is the first Ukrainian start-up that has successfully completed an ICO and collected $5 million (252 BTC, 5359 ETH, and $1240). The project was inspired by the necessity to protect crypto-investors from various techniques used by cybercriminals to steal their sensitive data. Hacken has started providing a full range of quality anti-phishing services for ICO projects and other IT businesses. The project has its own token, using the the cognominal name Hacken (HKN). In 2017, Hacken distributed 5.6 million HKNs during the token sale. HKN is currently listed on and Strong strategic partnerships with CYBEX and Qbao Network have increased the profile of Hacken and helped attract more investors. Hacken will continue to work towards making their token one of the most secure and trusted cryptocurrencies on the global market.

Apart from the discussion panel during WEF, in the first quarter of 2018, Hacken aims to release the following products:

  •             HackenProof – a Bug Bounty Marketplace & Smart Contract Audit. It’s an innovative decentralized platform, which is aimed at providing both cybersecurity services for customers and appropriate working conditions for the best white hat hackers.
  •             Cryptosecurity Rating for crypto-exchanges and ICO projects, along with phishing protection, in order to reduce the hacking threats within the crypto-industry.
  •             The HKN Marketplace. Hacken plans to embody its concept of a marketplace for the best cybersecurity service providers and their clients, and for the latter to ensure the safety of their projects in the most convenient and effective manner.
  •             In the second quarter of 2018, the company will launch cybersecurity insurance. This is a new business direction that will enable customers to reduce all risks related to cybersecurity.  

“The mission of this community (Hacken eco-community-ed.) is to improve the security of applications and websites, figure out vulnerabilities in code and infrastructure, and improve the prestige and recognition of the white-hat hacker profession. Hacken receives synergy of growth, which in turn grows its value, through:

  •   growth of cryptocurrencies;
  •   growth of the cybersecurity market;
  •   burning principle.” –  Dmytro Budorin, the cofounder and CFO of Hacken.             

About Hacken Ecosystem

Hacken is an ecosystem created to encourage the cooperation between blockchain and cybersecurity communities, the maintenance of hacker ethics and the promotion of legitimate research on computer networks and software. HackenProof is the mainHacken’s product which provides a Bug Bounty service. The bug bounty platform rewards white hat hackers who reveal security vulnerabilities in the most important software that support the Internet stack. The primary policy of the HackenProof platform is the ethical cooperation between highly experienced, qualified cybersecurity professionals, and respected IT businesses in need of cyber protection.

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