The First Blockchain Platforms That Allows to Earn on Scientific Works

Globex SCI project is the world’s first platform that helps to exchange of research papers, scholarly manuscripts, public data, experimental, clinical data and test results and other scientific information among scientists using Blockchain technology. The project aims to create a community in the framework of which scientists from all over the world can support each other.

Opening new prospects for the mankind worldwide

As the project’s team is consists of scientists in the field of medicine, Blockchain developers, and senior managers, the main focuses of the project are medicine, blockchain and large data researches. This is a first of its kind symbiosis of medical knowledge and benefits of Blockchain technology that can help to make serious steps towards new discoveries. Moreover, the mechanisms of the Globex SCI ecosystem will allow predicting the future success of scientific works.

To start earning on scientific works, authors just have to pay entry fee and then publish their research papers. That’s it. Then authors get paid research papers based on readers’ votes, while keeping their intellectual property rights intact.

Currently until the Globex SCI platform prototype is in the development, the team is negotiating with the Nature publishing Group to buy their archives to be placed at the Globex SCI platform.

Globex SCI token pre-sale

Globex SCI project has a groundbreaking potential for scaling up once more and more people are joining the chain.  New GSI token is the key to using the GlobexSci platform and will be used to access the research and development blockchain platform. The crowdsale of the GlobexSci platform’s token will have two stages: Pre-ICO and ICO.

The first stage of the crowdsale, Pre-ICO that has started on December 6, 2017, will last for one month. During the presale investors can get a special 30% discount for tokens.

All funds raised during the Pre-ICO will be used to launch the project, so that at the ICO stage the team would be able to present ready-made developments on the project to the community and investors.

To find out more visit website and GlobexSCI ICO page.

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