The Evolving Face of Software Multimedia

Multimedia is an expression which has been used for some time. In simple terms, it refers to the use of more than one medium of expression, such as the use of a book and a film to tell the same story. In this article, our aim is to explore what multimedia means in terms of modern software, and where these examples are the most visible. Note that some of the most recent forms of gaming, such as blockchain gaming, don’t yet need multiple variants, and so these remain as potential areas of future exploration.

Expanding Industries

The idea of different forms of software multimedia has a basis in the different uses and strengths of the host devices. Some of the most common forms we have seen this in the past have been from video games. When a new game or property came out, for example, and the game had a lot of hype, it would make sense to guarantee as wide of a release as possible. This meant creating different versions for different devices, even though the wide disparity in power between these devices would often make the versions almost unrecognizable by gameplay or graphics. Check out Street Fighter 2 for the ZX Spectrum for a prime example of this, an interesting effort with a less than stellar result.

“Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix 2” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by gamerscoreblog

In the modern age, we see this more commonly through the expanding industry of online gambling. Unlike with traditional video games, casino games tend not to be quite so demanding when it comes to performance demands on their host systems. Because of this, the games tend to be a much more standardized experience when it comes to multimedia releases. Look at any major online casino, like the one shown in this Roxy Palace casino review, and you’ll see games which have been purposely built to offer a continuous experience. By offering software as similar as possible across multiple avenues, there is far less confusion over these different avenues, which does a much better job at fostering engagement than with the traditional method.

A Standardized Future

As the general processing power of our desktop, laptop, and mobile devices increases, there is less of a call to purposely downgrade the gameplay of an experience in order to fit it on another system. A prime example of this would be the Player Unknown’s Battleground game from Bluehole. This is a game which is hugely demanding on systems, yet has been accurately ported to both the ageing Xbox One and even mobile devices, in a very recognizable state. There are also questions yet to be asked in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain gambling, as these are making great strides yet still ultimately remain in their infancy.

“Bitcoin Blockchain Technology” (CC BY 2.0) by Descryptive

Alongside the evolution of technology, the bar for multimedia is constantly rising. While differences will inevitably exist, often due to inherent control variances, the spread and variety are constantly shrinking, bringing these different versions closer and closer together. In the past, the differences we have seen have been based on technology. We now look at a future where disparity is a matter of choice and not a matter of necessity.

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