The entry minimum for investment in real estate dropped to 1€ thanks to GENESIS and the BLOCKCHAIN technology

April 1, 2018 will start the ITO of GENESIS – the international Fund of real estate. This is one of the first projects in the world that open the access to a new form of investment, combining the advantages of BLOCKCHAIN technology and the reliability of real estate as an investment asset. The preliminary registration of wishing to purchase GES tokens is already available on website

The team of GENESIS has combined the advantages of real estate as an investment asset with the possibilities of decentralized project based on the blockchain by creating its own token GES, whis is guaranteed by the real assets of high reliability — commercial real estate.

The GENESIS multi-functional platform reduces the traditionally high minimum for investments in real estate to the price of one GES token, equal to 1€, and allows you to get a stable income of 12-25% per annum. The profit is got from the commercial usage of real estate. In addition, the owners of GES tokens have the opportunity to participate in special projects and receive an additional profit of 25-75% per annum.

The specialists of GENESIS international real estate Fund select the best options and buy commercial real estate around the world in the property of Fund. GENESIS experts have made investments and managed the property for more than 15 years. Therefore, the Fund can guarantee to investors the high management efficiency, and high profit from each purchased object.

GENESIS does not promise the short-term profit values of 400-500% per annum, as purely cryptocurrency projects. However, the small profits are compensated by low investment risk, stability and long-term of the project.

The investor according his/here wish can repurchase the tokens to the company at any time at nominal price. But do not miss the fact that GES tokens can be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges at the market rate. According to the company’s financial forecast, the token rate should increase to 300-750% within 6-9 months after entering the stock exchange.

Remind that the process of initial token offering (ITO) will start on the 1st of April, 2018 and will continue until the 15th of May, 2018. During the pre-registration period, you can receive extra tokens in the amount of 15% of all tokens purchased by investor.

More detailed information about GENESIS can be found on the website of the company

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