The Crypterra project of an independent decetralized system of islands for cryptocurrencies conducts an ICO

Every day the set of ICO projects enters the market. It is caused by the opportunities which are given by this type of financing, comparing to the same exit to the IPO. However, not many projects which offer the tokens for sale have a practical implementation of their idea, and suggest to solve actually existing problems connected with cryptoeconomy and its processes and also their impact on our planet and the environment. The Crypterra project has provided in the Whitepaper a large-scale research of the existing problems connected with the cryptocurrencies and their mining. Very few people think about it nowadays. Certainly, creators of Crypterra have proposed the solution – the creation of the independent decentralized infrastructure for cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem of islands format which isn’t depending on the government and precepts of law, electricity prices and rent, from economic conditions and crises and also from many other external factors.

Cryptoeconomy threats in reality and in numbers

The founders of the Crypterra project have allocated the current problems which are found on the way of various participants of the cryptocurrency market which they suggest to solve within the planned infrastructure:

As it was already mentioned above, within the Whitepaper, the founders of the Crypterra project have examined a set of consequences from cryptocurrencies and their mining both for economy, and for the environment. Let’s stop on those striking numbers which are presented within the conducted research. At first it should be noted that by the most modest estimates the crypto economy will make more than three trillion dollars by 2020, and will grow to 10% of world GDP by 2022.

The founders of Crypterra project paid much attention in the Whitepaper to the mining processes, and it is fair as this process will become the primary activity within an ecosystem of islands of the project. Besides, infrastructure of Crypterra will allow to solve many problems interfaced with mining of the most widespread cryptocurrencies. Let’s return to numbers.

The annual mining of Ether and Bitcoin demands more electricity, than Iceland, Jordan and Syria together. The mining process in the countries of Western Europe is a very expensive process as electricity rates are rather high (the most expensive rates are in Germany, Italy and Belgium). The British Power Compare platform has provided data according to which the cumulative energy spent on the mining of the Bitcoin already exceeds the level of energy consumption of 159 certain countries worldwide. In Europe, more than 20 countries consume less energy, than it is necessary for mining of Bitcoin. Nowadays it is about 29,05 TW*h in a year required for the Bitcoin mining that is equivalent to 0,13% of the overall consumed electricity in the world. At the same time, the level of energy consumption for mining this cryptocurrency increases every day with the growth of its mining complexity. Power Compare notes that the process of the Bitcoin mining began to consume about 30% more energy only for the last month. If similar growth rates of electricity consumption remain at the same level, and the technologies used within mining process begin to be popularized everywhere, then shortly it will kill the planet. After all, the most part of crypto-farms uses non-environmentally friendly ways of obtaining energy. At the same time, the fact that the Bitcoin mining will continue to be carried out despite all the expenses, this process remains profitable (electricity cost for the Bitcoin mining process – $1,5 billion a year, and revenue – $7,2 billion) is obvious. Only the governments of the countries will be able to stop this process, having imposed the bans.

That independent decentralized infrastructure for cryptocurrencies from the Crypterra project which won’t be a subject to the state regulations allows to answer similar calls and shortcomings of the crypto economy, it isn’t mentioned by precepts of law, won’t load the main sources of energy, it isn’t a subject to influence of economic and financial crises and within which any project can be realized.  

The advantages of the independent decentralized Crypterra infrastructure

Firstly, the purchase of the own island, and further, the whole system of islands, allows the Crypterra infrastructure be independent from the precepts of law and of the general power supply, taxes, conditions and the prices of rent. Secondly, after purchase of the island, the process of infrastructure construction and its components will be realized so that provides a protection of the equipment and personnel against the climatic and technogenic conditions and the environment against pollution. So, ecologically safe power sources will be constructed (the sun energy, wind and water, waves and inflows will be used). Thus, the generation of energy for the Crypterra infrastructure support and for mining processes implementation will be carried out without harm for surrounding territories at the expense of the independent ecosystem of power supplies, realized using the natural resources. The Crypterra demands a rather large volume of the electricity, so the location of the islands will be initially chosen by the surrounding territories which allow to carry out production of the maximum quantity of energy.

The following stage, the monolithic structures for the farms will be transported to the islands. The thickness of their walls made of the threw and concrete will be around 25-30 cm and they will be equipped with the ventilation and cooling systems. Also, they will be constructed with a full sound, wet and radio isolation. Thus, the equipment brought for mining with the latest software provided with the reliable security systems and backup, will be protected from temperature, climatic and technogenic influences. It is worth noting that communication with the outside world will be organized by VSAT technology which is used by many companies for the communication organization in every place of the globe. The communication will be independent. It won’t require the cable networks. Besides, to exclude an opportunity of any authorities influence the Crypterra founders plan to realize their own offshore crypto-exchange within the infrastructure. Besides, for tokens owners of the project the opportunity of visit of the island to have an evident idea of where the money is invested and as the system works will be organized. Presumably, the tourist direction is planned as a part of organized business within Crypterra in the future from which the holders of tokens will also gain income.

The current stage of the Crypterra project – Private Tokensale

The project carries out fund raising by the ICO mechanism for the realization of the infrastructure. 600 000 000 CPTX tokens are presented for sale, the unsold part will be destroyed after the ICO. Private Sale passes only during 2 weeks (from March 19 to April 2, 2018) is carried out for the strategic partners and investors to provide the minimum launch of the project. The token price during this period is the most attractive and it is only $0.02.

Further the main period of Crypterra tokens sale for all future partners, for development and start of the decentralized system of islands will begin. ICO will last for the three months (from April 2 to July 2, 2018) and will pass in seven stages, within every stage the tokens price will start at $0.06 and will grow up to $0.20, which grows in after the termination of every stage. Thus, the founders of the project stimulate investors earlier to carry out the contribution to Crypterra, getting tokens at the lower price. In addition, within the project, the Bounty program is realized.  Everyone who wants to support the project in one of social networks can earn a reward. More detailed information about the project can be found on the official Crypterra website  where it is possible to get acquainted with the Whitepaper and Roadmap and  to take part in the ongoing Private Tokensale.

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