The Big Data Challenge and the Concept of

Big data like all things good and wonderful, comes with a lot of benefits for your organization and not too surprisingly, a level of frustrating and incredibly overwhelming challenges.

The first challenge is finding the right data provider for you. The number of available big data providers often make it difficult for companies looking to adopt Big data.

Brian Kolman, President of KolMedia said

I work with businesses of all sizes and see every day the challenges they face trying to reach the right audience. Today the key driver is having the right data and that’s what small businesses lack the most.” Mr. Kolman adds, “Our agency is spending more time and resources than ever before on figuring out where to gather the best data for our clients campaigns. It’s a very crowded and confusing marketplace. I personally would be thrilled if I can find a trusted source with all the data we need in one location. It will save both my company and my clients time and money.

The amount of noise in the industry makes it a little difficult for B2B and B2C customers looking to leverage big data and find the right partners. Many people like Brain have voiced their concerns of some of the existing data collection models and the overall lack of value of some of the data provided by these big data providers.

Finding the right partner is the first step in the right direction to leveraging big data for your business and is that right partner.

To better understand the value proposition that offers, it is important to understand the existing operative big data providers structure.

The Big Data Challenge

In the existing big data provider structure, premium proprietary data is the exclusive right of major players by virtue of their bidding power. The big data industry operates a highly complicated network with a confusing number of choices often open only to the highest bidder.

Critical market information comes at a very high price, making premium proprietary information often out of the reach of everyone except the big players. The small and medium sized businesses are often left out of this equation.

This model has not only created an inefficiency that was counterproductive but has left many small to medium businesses without the critical data to help drive their production decisions, promotional and marketing campaigns.

A New Opportunity

Today, the platform offers small to medium companies the opportunity to access premium proprietary data at a cost-effective rate and in whatever quantity they deem fit. is changing the big data landscape by offering data and data analytics that meets the most critical demands of businesses. They offer the first ever all-inclusive platform that ensures accurate data flow, and tools to support proper reporting, facilitate personalization, uncover important insights and manage marketing spend.

The platform is the future for big data provision. It offers a secure platform and a service that is second to none in price and value.

The support provided by truly gives organizations the competitive edge and allows them to reach their maximum potential. With, there are not size structures, everyone is welcome, and every size accommodated.

We would like to welcome you to a new revolution, where data becomes democratized.

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