The BCX Has Successfully Forked: True Bitcoin for the Future

It’s official, BCX has completed a successful fork at block 498888 on December 12, 2017. By providing the most comprehensive features and solutions for bitcoin’s current problems. BCX aims to build ideal Bitcoin network that truly fits the future society.

At approximately 6 am EDT at block height 498888, the BCX network had successfully hard forked.

As its official website suggests, BCX fork now has listed on major exchanges across the globe, including, OKEX. Also, hardware wallets and hot wallets like Coldlar Wallet, Bither Wallet, Atoken Wallet are now supporting BCX. Receiving so much support from major exchanges and wallets within a week, indicates BCX’s strong influence on the current market.

Because of the new features, BCX network is more reliable, environmental-friendly, much easier to use with greater efficiency. It is an ideal Bitcoin network that truly fits the future society. For real-world application, by embracing all existing platforms and networks, makes various scenarios can be achieved though BCX network, for instance, payment, clearing and settlement, supply chain, bills, evidence storage, copyright, IoT, and gaming.

For instance, in the network of BCX, User can issue assets by simply drag & drop. Timely exchange is also supported which is important, because of the slow confirmations of Bitcoin. This is a great example of BCX’s solution to Bitcoin’s problem.

After forked successfully, the next big event for BCX is mainnet launch on January 15, 2018. By then BCX will support SegWit, Replay Protection, Lightning Network. BCX has potential and a promising future.

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