The BANKEX Token Sale comes to an end with the company earning its place in the TOP – 20 of the most successful Token Sales of all time

On December 27th BANKEX has successfully completed their TokenSale, selling BKX tokens for about $66 million. The remaining tokens will only be available for purchase by institutional investors interested in asset tokenization technologies. A total of 400 000 000 BKX tokens were emitted of which 80 000 000 was allocated for the public sale, 140 000 000 reserved for institutional investors, the rest were reserved and allocated for the Team (50 000 000), Advisers (40 000 000), the Option Pool (50 000 000) and The BANKEX FOUNDATION (40 000 000).

Fintech company BANKEX entered the ranks of TOP-20 ICOs of all time and is now one of the largest financial crypto companies in the world. The project received support from about 6 000 contributors from 123 countries. The first smart asset based on Proof-of-Asset Protocol will be Moviecoin

In order to deliver the best results possible, BANKEX has formed the BANKEX Foundation, the main objective of which is to deliver new technologies to all interested parties, develop global partnerships and support multiple business segments. The BANKEX Foundation will be responsible for Research and Development of new and core products and services, as well as running an educational program aimed at bringing new people into the world of blockchain development.

”I’d like to thank the community for their warm support. The amount of funds we collected is sufficient to implement all the technologies that we announced in our roadmap for the next few years.

We will become a safe haven for crypto investors, since our revenues and our supply of demand will be based on the tokenization of the real sector.

The BANKEX protocol radically decreases financial and legal due diligence costs while connecting traditional capital markets with historically non-fungible assets such as movie/music financing, private shares, local municipal debt and financing for stand alone real estate projects,”said Igor Khmel, Founder and CEO of BANKEX.

The BANKEX development team is already developing products that solve some crucial problems that the crypto community is faced, solutions that will also be used in the BANKEX ecosystem. For example, a compatible with a private blockchain Plasma Protocol has already been developed. It is available at and designed to make ETH transactions cheaper and faster – network speed reach 5000 transactions per second (250 times more than the current Ethereum bandwidth) at zero gas cost. Recently, the company has announced its new product “Trust Service” – a decentralized handshake that stores details of agreements and transactions on the blockchain.

Many of the solutions BANKEX provide will be used as infrastructures for other blockchain projects, and hopefully, will benefit the entire fintech industry. Here is a short list of our products, which BANKEX plan to launch to the market in the upcoming six months:

  • BANKEX Know Your Customer Adapter — online KYC blockchain-based service
  • BANKEX Trust service – public blockchain recordings
  • First Plasma Light commercial implementation – an “ultrasonic” blockchain network
  • Initial Smart Asset Offer (ISAO): First Smart Asset Token Sale – Moviecoin and Artcoin Smart Assets
  • Multicurrency Token Sale Engine for the fintech community

Moreover, we will continue to push ahead with the integration of blockchain technologies into traditional financing by:

  • Establishing partnerships with banks and exchanges (2018 Q1)
  • Acquiring necessary licenses and permissions (2018 Q2)


Using milestone open source FinTech solutions, a decentralized Bank-as-a-Service company BANKEX aims to connect the emerging blockchain sector with traditional finance. Deploying smart contracts and enabling tokenization, the platform facilitates off-balance sheet crowdfunding, chain finance and leverages external infrastructure, creating efficient and time effective solutions. Innovative BANKEX solutions have far-reaching potential in the areas of their application and are set to have disruptive effects on global finance and investment, as well as in micro-financing, real estate, the sphere of illiquid assets, natural resources, and futures markets.




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