TerraMiner Builds a Farm in China on New Miners Innosilicon A4+ ASIC

Today it becomes more and more difficult to get cryptocurrency independently in home conditions. First the system complexity increases, and secondly the mining equipment creates a set of problems and discomfort. And also it requires your constant attention. The third thing is video cards costing enormous money, and it’s necessary to wait for their delivery often for several months.

So it becomes already almost impossible to miner independently at home and to make profit. The TerraMiner suggests you to start spending more spare time for your needs and to gain income in cryptocurrency at the same time. They offer an opportunity to become the co-owner of the large-scale cryptocurrency farm with a power of 3 Th/s, profit of which capacities will be shared between all investors.



The TerraMiner opens for everybody an opportunity to get cryptocurrency without leaving the house. TRM Tokens are an excellent option for those who are tired to work only for the socket and to feel discomfort from home mining. With help of the TerraMiner you will be able to pass from miners to cryptoinvestors and to get stable profit with no need to have a bulky equipment at home and furthermore to constantly look after it. Besides, before ICO ending you can get your part of the equipment at 66% discount. It will allow to pay expenses back much faster.

We think that now only farms located in close proximity to the equipment suppliers and in territories with the cheapest electric power will be able to create a sufficient potential for high profitability. For this reason we plan to construct the large-scale farm on the Scrypt algorithm for cryptocurrency production in China where one kW/hour costs only $0.05. Total farm power on end of all ICO stages will be 3 Th/s.

At the heart of the mining equipment there are A4+ chips which in complete with PCI-E boards will give total power of 4.0Mh/s each instead of standard 1.6Mh/s. As the cooling system we will apply dry water type. Unlike traditional air one, it allows to cool the overclock miner that yields the results 60-80% higher. The equipment production, assembly and testing will be carried out with involvement of our Chinese partners – the INNOSILICON and J$W companies.

According to the plan, 20% of the farm power will be launched in November, 2017. Another 70% we prepare for launch in December, 2017 and then also the exchange release is planned. Remained capacities will be connected to work in January, 2018.

Why to choose this ICO for investing in?

The cryptocurrency farm creation is not a new project for us. At the moment, we have own the Altcoins farm which course grows every month. In the TerraMiner we have considered all previous both positive and negative experience. For this reason all technological capacities of the TerraMiner will be located in the territory of China in the Shaoguan city in a free economic zone. Such farm location will allow to cut down as much as possible all operating expenses according to maintenance and to make repair and replacement of all equipment units fast.


Here some of the most good reasons why you should join the TerraMiner:


  • Getting the TerraMiner tokens you buy production capacities of the real equipment at a discount. Everyone will get the amount of workers capacity accoring to the tokens acquired.
  • Use of the Scrypt algorithm will allow to get the fastest payback;
  • Every day you can get profit and track non-stop;
  • Short payback period: in comparison with a house mining – three times faster, and with cloud one – twice.
  • We undertake all expenses on the equipment maintenance and electric power.
  • Lack of inflation. On the ICO and POST-ICO ending tokens release won’t be carried out;
  • After the beginning of the equipment operation tokens can be sold any time at the price of $8.4, but it will end your participation in the profit receiving;
  • Payment of the first dividends in 2 months;
  • You can personally visit the TerraMiner farm in October, 2017 and observe personally the construction proccess.



ICO map:

The tokens release will begin on September 1, 2017:

Pre-ICO – tokens grant the right for a part of the farm equipment at 66% discount. The price of each one will be $2.8. Start date – on September 1, 2017, finish date – on October 1, 2017.

ICO – tokens can be bought at 40% discount. The price of each one will be $5. Start date – on October 1, 2017, finish date – on November 1, 2017.

POST-ICO – the price of each token will be $8.4. Start date – on November 1, 2017, finish date – on December 1, 2017.


You will gain monthly mining income for each TRM token you’ve bought. The dividends payment will begin in 2 months after ICO start. TRM tokens will be traded at the EtherDelta exchange.

General tokens distribution:

99% tokens are distributed between investors

1% tokens are spent on the bounty campaign maintenance


For the bounty campaign tokens are distributed as follows:

  1. Facebook   —  10%
  2. Twitter   —  20%
  3. BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign   —  25%
  4. BitcoinTalk Translation Campaign   —   10%
  5. Blogging Campaign   —   35%

Link on Whitepaper – http://terraminer.io/en/TerraMiner_ICO_White_Paper.pdf


About the team

In the TerraMiner team the following participants are joined:

Pavel Kuznetsov is the founder and the CEO. Specializes in the business projects development and modern business management.

Ruslan Sharamet is programmer-engineer, the equipment developer.

Kayda Igor Grigoryevich is the chief hardware programmer, software for mining farm joint developer. Was the software developer for the most part of his life .

Stanislav Shamenko is IT specialist, the programmer.

Ivan Melikhov is a specialist in marketing communications, the blockchain enthusiast, the cryptoinvestor. Foreign trade specialist.

Denis Novakovsky is marketing director. Specializes in educational projects.


Contact information

Social media:

Telegram – https://t.me/terraminer_online_en

BitcoinTalk – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2174329.msg21801195#msg21801195

Twitter – https://twitter.com/terraminer_ico

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/terraminer

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/terraminer.online

E-mail: [email protected]

Projects pros and cons:


  • Fast payback
  • The farm is located close to the supplies
  • Customs risks are excluded
  • The company team has experience of a similar project launch
  • Simplicity for investment. Clear business model
  • Remote production. The farm is long distance away from investors

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