Taklimakan Network opens new opportunities in the cryptocurrency trading space

Today, we all witnessed an unprecedented rise in the cryptocurrency values. This suggests that besides the growing volume of investments into this market their global acceptance is growing as well.

While some consider digital currencies as a means of savings, others gain profit from higher price volatility that really attracts traders. But for the cryptocurrency space newcomers trading can be quite a stressful experience, which could potentially lead to the loss of the invested capital.

There are many services that offer trust management services on the web space, but unfortunately, many of them have not been able to fully realize themselves or are simply scam projects.We kindly invite you to pay an attention to the blockchain based business platform called Taklimakan Network. The project will be interesting both for beginners and experienced traders, as it provides an opportunity not only to understand the basics of trading by reading a set of practical materials but also to get an opportunity to earn both inside and outside the platform. Platform tools would include trading signals, strategies, trust management, recommendations and analytics of professional traders,  hence users will have the opportunity to share their experience with other members and to extract financial gain in the meantime. The project is supposed to be fascinating even for the guru of the investment world, as it intends to unite social networks with investment techniques and moreover provide a unique experience of effective capital management through collective forecasting. Taklimakan to some extent represents a close crypto community, which bringstogether like-minded people with an aim achieve the great results. At the same time, experienced traders and analysts will be able to share their experience and help beginners learn how to effectively manage their funds.

In addition to making money through consulting, Taklimakan Network provides an opportunity not only to become a participant in the project but also to be a part of its crowdsale. For this purposes, the platform will issue its own Taklimakan Network tokens (TKLN), which at the stage of pre-sale can be purchased with a 50% discount. It is expected that the value of TKLN will eventually go up, giving holders the opportunity to obtain a guaranteed profit from possessing them.The sale of tokens will be executed in two stages i.e. Pre-sale and ICO. The proceeds from the sale will be used to develop the project, namely, to develop, promote, manage and acquire the necessary licenses.

Pre-sale will start on December 12th, 2017 and the planned sale will be capped at 100 million TKLN. ETH will be used as an acceptable currency for token redemption with 1 ETH being equivalent to 30,000 TKLN. During the crowdsdale campaign, the team intends to attract 36,667 ETH. The remaining tokens, which will not be sold during the campaign will eventually be destroyed. The main purpose of TKLN tokens is to use them as an internal payment currency of the platform. Therefore, participation in Pre-sale and ICO will be a good opportunity to start on this platform and receive a guaranteed profit in the future.


Website: www.taklimakan.io

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