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Komodo Platform launches new consensus mechanism

Komodo (KMD) aims to be the new standard in both security and privacy by creating a new consensus protocol that can make any blockchain as safe as Bitcoin itself. The new cryptocurrency has been introduced by the developers o Bitcoin Dark, an alternative cryptocurrency that has gained a lot of traction over time and has been at the forefront of anonymity in the crypto space. Komodo will rely on the …
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Additional Security Audits Push Back Zcash Release Date

Zcash is one of those cryptocurrency initiatives which could put a whole new spin on the entire concept. This project is designed to promote anonymity, something which many people feel Bitcoin lacks. However, the release of Zcash has been delayed once again, as the team feels there is a need to conduct additional security audits before releasing the code to the public. Zcash Is Not Coming Anytime Soon The concept …
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