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WikiLeaks Debunks Infiltration Hoax With Bitcoin Transactions

A recent post surfaced on 8Chan, indicating how WikiLeaks had been compromised. As one would come to expect, that news was utterly fake. Rather than sending out a tweet or a Facebook post, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange used the Bitcoin blockchain to create a tamper-proof public record of him confirming the organization is fine. WikiLeaks Has Not Been Compromised It is good to hear Wikileaks and all of its staff …
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Wikileaks Criticizes BBC, LRB and Economist After Craig Wright Controversy

The recent hoax surrounding the self-claiming fake creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright led by mainstream media outlets including BBC, Economist and LRB have agitated many experts in the industry and supporters of Bitcoin, including WikiLeaks. On May 3, WikiLeaks took the matter to social media to criticize the “fact-checking standards” of BBC, Economist and LRB, the first outlets to report the unsupported and inevident claims of Wright. We’d like to …
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