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Argentine Peso Devaluation Imposes Remittance Limits – Perfect Opportunity For Bitcoin

Bitcoin is often looked at as the perfect candidate to take on the remittance business model as we all know it. Services such as Western Union and MoneyGram have a tight hold on this market and get away with charging outrageous fees to customers. ¬†However, an opportunity is presenting itself in Argentina, where continuing devaluing of the Argentine Peso has led to a remittance limit through traditional means. Also read: …
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Western Union falls victim to the streisand effect

It all started with an image posted on reddit: The above is a DMCA friendly image of the advertisement. This image shows how bitcoin is a much better alternative to the archaic Western Union. Western Union’s PR department decided to take action against this modifed ad and file DMCA and copyright claims. However, these actions caused the image go viral. The above image falls under Comparative Advertisement. According to United …
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