WELL WEEK in a Nutshell

WELL announces new advisors and a partner, gets excited about the smart contract and smart devices, and networks in San Francisco No efforts, no results. WELL knows that for sure. All the team members have been working hard to develop the project and seek new opportunities for growth. Days and nights were spent programming, upgrading and pitching. As spring comes, the WELL team becomes energetic like never before and has …
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The Launch of WELL’s Web Platform

January 25, 2018: WELL is pleased to announce the launch of its WELL Web Platform for both patients and providers, delivering convenient healthcare anytime, anywhere. WELL’s simple, easy to navigate telemedicine platform connects patients worldwide to a global network of doctors and other healthcare professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Key benefits for patients include immediate appointments at up to 30% less than the cost of in-person …
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